This Massive Neon-Orange Carp Nicknamed ‘Carrot’ Looks Like a Giant Goldfish: PHOTOS

by Suzanne Halliburton
Gilles MARTIN/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Meet Carrot, in all its humongous, day-glo orange carp glory. And we’re not talking vegetables, but a gigantic fish.

The Bluewater Lakes Facebook page posted a photo of Carrot the carp this week. Truth be told, Carrot looks a like a sci-fi experiment. Surely this carp was a mutation, a former goldfish swimming in a glass bowl, right?

Have a glance at Carrot. The Facebook account’s caption: “CARROT weighing in at 67.4lbs!! Well done Andy top dangling.” In other words, Carrot weighs about as much as a 10-year-old human.

Anglers Love to Fish This Scenic Lake in France’s Champagne Country

Note that Bluewater Lake is in the Ardennes region of France. And it’s also right in the middle of Champagne country. (The real stuff, not the sparkling wine, so grab the crystal flutes). It bills itself as France’s premiere carp fishery. And fisherman need to book far in advance to throw a line into these waters.

Carrot the Carp is the big prize. And Carrot is a lady fish who is 20 years old. She made Bluewater her home spot 15 years ago. Her job is to eat and get fat. She occasionally gets caught. USA Today reported that Carrot the Carp got caught nine times in 2021. She hit 60 pounds back in February.

Jason Cowler, a spokesman for the lake, said they added Carrot the Carp as something different for anglers to reel in. “Its’s not the biggest resident in the lake, but by far the most outstanding.”

So why is she the most popular carp in a lake stocked full of them? It’s her color. Most carp are the color of brownish-gray mud.

The queen of Bluewater Lakes is Miggsy. She is a grayish with a pale belly. And like Carrot the Carp, Miggsy made Facebook this week, too.

“Well here she is once again and within 9 days of her first appearance on the bank we give you the queen of the lake MIGGSYS at 92lbs. Congratulations to Lee the lucky angler on your capture and new French PB.”

Carrot the Carp Got Weighed and Photographed, Then Off She Swam

Americans don’t eat a lot of carp. But if you’re interested, here’s an article making a case why everyone should be eating the fish.

Meanwhile, don’t worry about Carrot the Carp. She’s back in the lake, which is situated in a gorgeous area of France. And the BluewaterLakes FB account wanted to make sure everyone saw her go back into the water.

“Never get bored of seeing her go back,” the post said.