This Rainbow-Colored Crayfish Is One of the Most Patriotic-Looking Creatures You’ll See: Pic

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Ingo Wagner/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Some of our most patriotic holidays of the year have long passed, but if you’re looking for an occasion to celebrate the good ol’ red, white, and blue look no further. This picture of a rainbow-colored crayfish is one of the most patriotic-looking creatures you’ll ever see.

As we can see in the Twitter post below, this particular crayfish just screams, “‘Murica.” Its large front pincers boast the same bright blue as our American flag, with white speckles throughout reminiscent of the 50 stars representing the U.S. states.

The crayfish’s body on the other hand is coated in a brilliant shade of red, with white stripes separating the creature’s sections of shell. We’re not sure if crayfish have color preferences, but if subtle was the goal here, then this guy completely missed the mark.

Crayfish, not just the rainbow-colored kind, are interesting creatures. Brittanica states they range in size though most remain relatively small, approximately three inches in length. The smallest varieties, however, can grow to reach just 2.5 centimeters in length while the largest, the Tasmanian giant freshwater crayfish, achieves lengths of around 40 cm. They also range in color, typically boasting shades of yellow, green, red, or dark brown.

Most common in streams and lakes, the outlet further stated crayfish are mostly nocturnal animals, usually found seeking food at night.

Rare Bright Blue Crayfish Makes Its Way Into a Kentucky Garage

We’re fairly certain rainbow-colored crayfish don’t come around too often. However, more common are straight blue varieties, with one previously finding its way into a Kentucky family garage. And as rare as they are, one of the resident family members managed to capture a video of the brightly-colored crustacean.

KY couple Crystal and Allen Hash recalled the unusual scene from their garage back in September.

“I thought I was hallucinating,” Crystal Hash said upon finding the bright blue crayfish in her garage. Allen Hash said, “I just kept hearing something crawl around.”

Hash had headed out to the garage early the morning of September 19th to work on a project when he heard the noise.

“I looked down and there it was,” he said.

Per the couple’s account, the rare blue crayfish measured about five inches in length, about normal for any variety of the crustacean. Allen Hash continued, “He was like a lobster size. He was a pretty big one.”

Unfortunately, Hash’s attempt to pick up the bright blue crayfish ended badly as the prickly creature pinched his finger.

The Hashes’ garage discovery of the crayfish is as unique as the rainbow-colored crayfish above. Typically, these shelled creatures live in freshwater marshes, ditches, streams, wetlands, and floodplains. While none of the former applies to the KY garage, the couple did state that the field behind their home often floods and it’s likely the crayfish found its way inside after being swept that way by significant rainwater.