This Video of Horses in a Staredown With a Grizzly Bear Is the Most Intense Thing You’ll See All Week

by Jonathan Howard

Sometimes, there are great Clint Eastwood-esque staredowns in the great outdoors and this one with a grizzly bear and a herd of horses might be the best. If you want to get your blood pumping a bit, then this is the perfect video for it. You never thought that you’d see two beasts like this looking one another in the eye, but it’s exhilarating to see.

The video, apparently taken back in May 2011 shows a grizzly stumbling upon a herd of horses. At first, the grizzly bear likely was just munching on some grass and other greenery. But, the rippling muscles of a horse sure are tempting. When it was just one or two horses, it feels like the predator is thinking about it.

However, when we see the third and fourth horses show up, that goes out the window. At that point, it’s just a couple of neighborly animals acknowledging one another.

Check out the video below and see for yourself.

It isn’t uncommon for a grizzly bear to try and take on a horse or even a group of horses. Still, it’s a big gamble if it is just adult horses. Not to mention the fact that the fence is in the way in the situation above. Basically, the bear made a calculation, did the math, and figured – not worth it.

Instead, this bear will go on to live another day without a bunch of hoof prints on its face and body. Whatever trouble these horses would have caused the predator, it could likely find easier and weaker prey somewhere else in the great wide open.

It’s not always about getting what you want right now. Sometimes you have to live to hunt another day.

Grizzly Bear Chases Herd of Wild Horses

Now, this situation from earlier this year is different. When you have a grizzly bear meet up with wild horses – the calculation is different. Especially when there is a foal running nearby. That’s the ultimate goal. Get the weakest and slowest one by itself, and then you have a full belly for days.

When you consider the fact that grizzlies can run up to 35 miles per hour, it makes the whole hunting horses thing make sense. Of course, a horse will typically have the running advantage, but one trip, misstep, fall, or otherwise unwanted incident could have the bear chowing down on a pony.

Check that video out over here. It shows not just the herd, but the bear itself running through on a trail cam. The footage is impressive and shows something that most people only hope to see.

Grizzly bears and horses. All that matters is the math. If that bear decides it makes sense, it’s going to go after pretty much anything. That includes large equine.