This Video of a Bowhunter Stalking a Mule Deer Holed Up in a Barn Is Absolutely Bizarre

by Sean Griffin

In a video originally posted back in 2013, a bowhunter tracks down a mule deer—and you won’t believe what happens next!

In this open habitat environment, it’s certainly plausible that a wild mule deer would find an abandoned barn for shade or to hide from predators. However, the fact that these hunters caught the encounter on film is incredibly rare.

Charles Schoening, the main hunter in the video, aims through a small hole in the side of the barn. At this point in the video, many viewers thought it was a gimmick. One wrote, “I thought: No way. This guy is shooting a 3-D target. After he hits it, he’ll take the camera inside the barn, show us the target, then maybe explain an earlier stalk here on a real animal.”

Another commenter agreed, writing “I thought I was being pranked. I was like, ‘these silly Canadians really got me to click on a video of them shooting a barn with a bow.’ Nice kill, boys.”

However, once the arrow ricochets off the barn walls, the mule deer shoots out from its hideout. Luckily for Schoening, the buck stops outside the barn and gives the hunter a second attempt. This time, the crossbow sticks the buck.

In the video, Schoening states that he has successfully stalked and killed a deer holed up in the same barn in a previous bowhunting season. While we can’t verify that claim, we believe him. It’s plausible that multiple bucks have used the location to escape the midday sun.

Commenters React to Incredible Mule Deer Video

Other commenters reacted to the impressive and rare feat. “I couldn’t get over Candaians saying 15 yds,” one account teased. “I thought y’all (that means you guys) measured in meters. Just teasing. Much respect on the stalk and quick follow up shot. Holed up in a barn…what a memory!”

“THAT WAS CRAZY!!!!” one user wrote. “At first I was like what is he doing shooting the barn and then boom there he was. LOL. Great second shot. awesome video and memory. Congrats.”

“Wow I was like no way he smoked that buck through a hole in the wall. Sometimes it just happens that way. I missed my biggest buck with a bad distance guess,” one user wrote. Then, they dove into a similar hunting tale. “Worked out well though because he jumped away but right by a yardage marker I used. Smoked him and didn’t go 50yds. Buck fever got me I think and I either miss judges or possibly looked at wrong pin. Either way he stood there and looked at the brush pile behind him where my arrow skipped too. Great memory.”

A final user remarked on just how special and rare the occasion was. “That was wild! Once in a lifetime hunt. Congratulations.”