Three-Legged Alligator Demonstrates Good Parenting Building Nest for Her Hatchlings: VIDEO

by Joe Rutland

It’s not every day that you will see a three-legged alligator demonstrate some good parenting skills but we have it for you. Just go ahead and take a look at what is happening here. She is building a nest for her hatchlings and it’s amazing to see. With only three legs, this alligator is taking care of her babies. Talk about being a mother for all the right reasons. According to a report, this video comes from Florida.

The caption for this video, which appeared on Facebook, reads in part, “She created this big nest with sticks, twigs, etc. and is now protecting her babies with her life with just 3 limbs.” Alligators can be scary creatures to encounter. Yet, in this moment, we happen to see it in a different light. How many different animals handle their babies in specific ways? Watching this entire process take place is something to behold. The motherly instincts of this alligator can provide many lessons for people. Animal lovers may not be so impressed but they can appreciate the lengths she goes to in the video.

Moss-Covered Alligator Becomes Captive In Texas

Yet there is more alligator news. And we get this report from the great state of Texas. Apparently, a man there happened to see a moss-covered alligator and catch him. But the animal was more than 13 feet in length. Man, that’s enough alligator meat to keep you in business for a long time. We get a little more information about this from Outdoor Life. Are you ready? OK. So, this 13-foot, 4.25-inch alligator did get nabbed by Shane Lee. He would have some assistance from his nephew, Lance Stephens, and Lee’s friend, Jerid Ellis. This was quite an alligator hunt indeed. Well, this hunt happened to begin when Lee and Stephens receive an honor. They were selected as part of a drawing to get two of 10 state-issued alligator licenses. By the way, time was of the essence for these guys.

Meanwhile, are you interested in more gator hatchling headlines? The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation happened to share a video on Twitter. It is of an alligator carrying some new hatchlings to water. “We love our BBLs (big busy lizards),” the ODWC would write in its online post. “This 8-foot alligator has been HUSTLING.” Well, this post was made back on September 14. The clip was in black-in-white (sorry, no color film available for this event). We see the big-time gator actually taking one hatchling at a time to the nearby waterways. Finally, this process reportedly took 13 hours to move the 22 hatchlings, according to the ODWC. Thankfully, the mother and hatchlings are all safe and OK after the trip.