Three Men Wrestle, Beat Giant Snake With a Stick to Free Dog From Its Death Grip: VIDEO

by Amy Myers

When a group of men noticed a black constrictor snake wrapped around a dog, they jumped into action, doing whatever it took to save the canine in distress.

Boa constrictors, in particular, are incredibly crafty creatures and know how to kill their victims quickly and easily. They offer no reprieve from the tight grip and can drag the animals underwater to end the battle even sooner. This was the gruesome scene in a recent Instagram video that surfaced on the appropriately-named profile, “Natures Brutal.”

Lucky for this dog, three men were willing to step in and rescue it from its grim fate.

It’s unclear whether the dog belonged to one of the men or if they just decided to help a stray in need. Either way, the men knew they couldn’t just let the reptile drown the pet in the nearby water. So, they teamed up to untangle the snake, using all of their might to free the pooch at the center. With the back of the snake stretched out, they still needed to unfurl the top without risking injury to themselves.

Racing against the clock, the men knew that the snake’s victim only had moments before the lack of oxygen became fatal. They ended up taking a huge stick and smacking the reptile’s mid-section until it finally loosened its grip and allowed the dog to break free.

At last, dog lovers can breathe.

The reptile responsible for the incident appears to be a rat snake which is a nonvenomous constrictor known for its velvety black top and spotted white belly. While they may not have a deadly bite, they are still more than capable of taking down larger prey.

Hopefully, the curly-tailed pup learned not to venture too close to the water again.

Instagrammers Would Have Done the Same to Save Their Dogs From Snake

Within the past couple of decades, we’ve upgraded dogs from just pets to essential family members. As treasured members of the household, it’s not surprising that so many of us would be ready to do the same for our own furry companions.

In fact, many viewers of the recent snake-dog encounter on Instagram were happy to announce that they would be more than ready to save their canine if a reptile tried to devour it.

“i mean if it’s my pet im doing everything in my power to save it,” one person shared.

Another even claimed that they would be coming home with a kill of their own.

“I’d be feeding my dog snake for the next 6 months,” the fellow dog-lover wrote.

“I’m chopping that snake up to free the pup,” agreed a third.