Ticked-Off Buck Terrorizes Man, Woman, and Dog in Neighborhood Driveway: VIDEO

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: EEI_Tony

A Wyoming woman is in the hospital after an angry buck gored her in her own neighborhood. In the viral video, thanks to the woman’s Ring video camera, viewers watch in horror as the deer appears in the frame, going after her, her husband, and the family dogs.

As played out in the clip, the woman, Wanda Kaynor, was taken entirely off guard Thursday morning when she walked outside and saw a buck in her driveway. After a few moments, the buck then goes after her small dog.

“Of course, the buck didn’t like that. So, he went after him with his antlers and shoved him underneath the car,” her husband, Daniel Kaynor, told news outlets about the battle between the buck and the dog. However, that was when his wife went into protector mode. She jolted towards the buck, using her purse as a weapon.

“She threw her hat at the thing, and of course, it came after her now,” he said. Then, the enraged buck charges the woman with his antlers, to which she lets out an ear-piercing screech.

When it was all said and done, the four-point buck thrust its antlers into her, goring her with seven puncture wounds. The buck also knocked her to the ground, crushing a vertebra in her back. That’s when her husband went outside and saw the shocking event unfold.

“I grabbed him by the antlers, trying to pull him off,” he said. In addition, Daniel Kaynor got punctured by an antler along his waistline. “It happened so fast,” he admitted.

Buck gores unsuspecting woman in her neighborhood, gets help from good samaritan UPS driver

The horrifying video is a real shock to the Wyoming neighborhood, considering they’re accustomed to seeing deer. “There was this buck sitting there, just laying there,” her husband said in disbelief following the incident.

After the buck gored Wanda, she managed to get out of harm’s way. At the same time, a UPS driver had just delivered a package across the street and saw that she needed help. The driver lifted the woman into a car, and a neighbor drove her to a nearby hospital.

“We just got instantaneously all of his help,” Daniel Kaynor said. “She’ll be there several days, and likely spend a couple of weeks at a rehabilitation center,” her husband said about his wife’s recovery.

Following the gruesome attack, the buck sauntered to their front yard, where it stayed for a couple of hours. Finally, a relative notified the Wyoming Fish and Game, and a wildlife officer euthanized the buck.

Although the buck was euthanized, Daniel Kaynor says his wife is still traumatized. “Having a buck stomp on you on the ground … I was pretty traumatized last night myself,” he said.

He added: “Wild animals are wild animals. I think she’s going to check that door when she comes out, for sure.”