Ticked-Off Bull Escapes Pen, Causes Absolute Chaos at Florida Rodeo: VIDEO

by Lauren Boisvert

In wild news from Florida, a bull terrorized a crowd at a Tampa rodeo recently when it escaped its pen and ran into the stands. At the Florida State Fairgrounds on Saturday, August 27, the bull broke loose during an event. Apparently, handlers were trying to line two bulls up next to each other at the gate when one bucked against the other, shoving it out of the way. The bull then launched itself into the stands, sending the crowd screaming and scattering towards the exits. 

In a wild video courtesy of Christopher Thornton, the bull can be seen running rampant through the stands. It climbs over the barrier and circles the entire ring as people run to get out of its path. Rodeo officials and bull riders chase after the animal, attempting to rope it and haul it out of the stands. 

There’s no telling what provoked this bull to shove its way past the other and hop the barrier. The situation most likely wasn’t helped by the frantic crowd. Some attendees were even egging the bull on, waving their hats at it and cheering. Most likely the bull was stressed and frightened, so I can’t imagine that behavior aided the animal’s capture. 

Angry Bull Charges into Crowd, Does a Lap, and Finally Gets Roped by Cowboy

A skilled Florida cowboy on a horse managed to rope the bull on the first try, from within the rodeo ring and with the barrier in the way. Talk about talent. The crowd continues to scramble away as the bull tosses its head, agitated at being caught. Though, there are a lot of people standing relatively close to the bull as it thrashes around, which doesn’t seem too smart. 

Finally, the big group of cowboys manage to get the bull out from behind the barrier, out of the stands, and back in the ring. There’s a moment where it falls to the ground as if it tripped coming over the barrier. But, then the bull springs right up and trots into the ring as the cowboys quickly shut the gate. 

“This was my first time attending a rodeo and it won’t be my last,” said Thornton, per WFLA. “Hats off to that cowboy, his amazing horse, and his throw.”

Bank Employees Left Terrified At Unexpected Guest

Looks like this bull was denied a loan and he decided to take it out on the bank. In the city of Lod, near Tel-Aviv, Israel, a bull recently charged into a bank, terrorizing customers and employees before it was finally captured.

The bull couldn’t get much traction on the smooth stone floors, so it didn’t do much other than slip and slide around. No one was reportedly injured, and the bull was tranquilized and removed from the bank within half an hour. Talk about a swift and easy balance transfer. I’ll see myself out.