TikToker’s Heart-Pounding Video From ‘Bridge Walk’ at New River Gorge National Park Goes Viral

by Emily Morgan

TikTok seemingly never fails to keep us entertained. From viral videos of emus to important PSAs, there’s always something to marvel at on the app. In addition, it’s been known to get our heart rates up. For instance, one user recently posted a clip of herself walking across one of the tallest bridges in America. So all we’ll say is, if you have a fear of heights, watch this video with caution.

It’s undeniable that TikTok is beneficial for travel planning. It’s an excellent app for laying out your future outdoor adventures. Although you may reside in the US, you can see what people are up to all across the globe.

For instance, Connor and Morgan, who go by the TikTok account name @thenationalparktravelers, have clocked many miles by hiking in national parks worldwide.

However, their most recent hike put them in West Virginia. Now, it’s giving the iconic John Denver lyrics, “Almost heaven, West Virginia,” a whole new meaning. While in West Virginia, the pair hit up the New River Gorge Bridge.

The bridge is a narrow walking structure at an extremely high elevation, with clouds perched underneath it. In addition, it’s the third tallest bridge in America. As a result, this TikTok couple had to see it for themselves— even if that meant risking their lives. Check out the nerve-wracking video below if you dare.

@thenationalparktravelers 📸 The best way to experience Americas newest National Park! This walk is only done through a guided tour which you can purchase tickets at bridgewalk.com #newrivergorgebridge #newrivergorge #westvirginia #almostheaven ♬ New Home – Frozen Silence

Users watch in awe as Tik Tok creators defy the heights

According to the clip, you can only access the bridge with an official guide from the park. “This walk is only done through a guided tour which you can purchase tickets at bridgewalk.com,” they describe in the video.

In addition, there are other safety precautions you have to take in order to brave the heights. “Were you clipped in?” asked @natty5340. “Yes!” they responded, making us feel slightly better about the shaky situation.

As fear-inducing as the bridge is for those who have a fear of heights, it pays off. Once up there, you’ll have a bird’s eye view that offers an incredible view of the surrounding area, and thrill chasers may even enjoy the challenge of walking across it.

“I love the gorge… had no idea you could walk the bridge like that,” marveled one user in the comments.

“Just did this recently and lemme tell you it was incredibly terrifying and awesome!” wrote someone else. “Did this walk even though I was terrified,” @iggywanders shared. Hey, doing something cool while facing your fears is amazing- you rock, Iggy!

However, the hike doesn’t take long to complete once you’re up there. User @juliad1998 asked, “How long is the walk?” The creator replied, “Takes about 1.5 hours with stopping to talk and take pictures.”

While it doesn’t take too long to complete from start to finish, it will likely be one of the most terrifying 90 minutes of your life.