Tiny Homes and RV Living: How These Families Celebrate Big Holidays In Small Spaces

by Clayton Edwards

This year, many people were putting up Christmas decorations before the Thanksgiving leftovers were put away. Whether they were longing for the warmth of the Christmas spirit or just ready to be done with 2020, people are all-in for the holiday this year. People living in tiny homes and RVs are no exception.

In fact, the Christmas season is seeing a record year. Not only are people buying more trees and decorations, but they are also showing the true spirit of the season. Those who live in RVs and tiny houses are a great example of making every inch and every moment count this holiday season.

Tiny Home Christmases

For those unfamiliar with tiny homes, they’re exactly what they sound like. They are very small and cozy houses. Some are even small enough to haul around the country. Others are stationary. Either way, the minuscule dwellings are a cheaper and greener way to live.

You might think that you would have to sacrifice Christmas decorations to live in such a small space. However, that is not the case. You can still put up some great decorations in one of these miniature houses. Many tiny house dwellers have already minimalized several other aspects of how they live. They apply the same philosophy to decorating for the holiday.

The folks behind Tiny House Expedition on YouTube posted their Tiny House Christmas Special earlier this month. In the video, they showcase their own Christmas décor as well as other tiny home dwellers from around the world.

These examples show that you don’t have to decorate like Clark Griswold to get into the spirit of the season. While all of the homes are decorated differently there is a common theme. They all make the most out of their limited space.

Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

You don’t have to live in an RV or tiny home to be working with limited space. If you’ve got a tiny house, a small house, or a little bitty apartment, you can take some great decorating ideas away from these decorated dwellings.

Firstly, use your space well. You may not be able to put a full-sized tree in your space. That’s fine. There are several smaller options. You can even make a tree on your wall with lights and garland. That gives you all of the spirit of a tree while using minimal space. If you’re missing the smell of a real tree, get yourself some fir-scented candles.

Secondly, garland is your friend. Whether you’re wrapping it around beams and shelves, using it to make a tree, or lining your walls with it, you can’t go wrong. It comes in a variety of colors and there are few things more festive than some well-placed garland.

If you need a little spirit boost you can always add some lights. If you want to share your holiday spirit, you can go all out on decorating your outside space if you have one. Christmas lights are the pinnacle of festive decoration.

Most importantly, have fun with it. Think outside the box. You can pick up holiday-themed shower curtains, towels, and bedding. Things like this will help you pack even more spirit into your limited space.

No matter if your space is big or small, decorated or not, just make sure your enjoy it this Christmas.