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Yellowstone Tourist Poses for ‘Cute’ Bison Selfie, and Why are We Not Surprised

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by: Sharpshooters/VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

It seems that some people will never learn. No matter how many shocking videos go viral of wild animals attacking tourists who get way too close. And, one recent video shows us exactly this as a national park tourist is caught posing for a “cute” selfie beside a massive wild bison at Yellowstone National Park.

A Yellowstone “Touron” Is Spotted Taking A Very Risky Pic Next To A Wild Bison

A young woman visiting Yellowstone National Park was captured on video recently making some very bad decisions with a group of friends. In the clip, we see the “touron” sitting on a boardwalk within the iconic national park. She holds up her phone for a selfie as she smooths her hair and flashes a peace sign. This Yellowstone tourist does all of this as she sits right in front of a massive bison that is resting just a few paces away from the group.

The clip was shared on the popular TouronsOfYellowstone Instagram page. This account has become massively popular over recent months. The posts focus on highlighting some of the craziest tourist behaviors. All as they do some moronic things in our country’s beloved national parks or other natural areas. Thus the term “touron.”

“Tourons spotted out in their natural habitat,” quips the Tourons of Yellowstone Insta post. “[Getting] bull bison selfies on the boardwalk!” Of course, this comment was made entirely for sarcasm and is followed by a couple of emojis including a clown face.

“The video really doesn’t show how close they were,” the caption continues of the clueless tourists.

“The bison started to stand while they were sitting next to it,” the post continues. “I thought we were going to really get a show but no. Idiots.”

These National Park Visitors Were Lucky – Others, Not So Much

The bison in this video from Yellowstone remained calm, thankfully. And no one was injured during the encounter. However, other not-so-bright tourists have come face-to-face with wild animals such as this one with terrifying results. According to the National Park Service, bison such as the one in the above video are responsible for far more injuries at the popular national park than any other animal. Including animals such as snakes or bears.

Just last month, a woman hiking in Custer State Park in Texas was gored by one of these massive bison. This attack came after the woman got a bit too close to the animal. Rather than following the necessary detour, this tourist decided it was a good idea to sneak past a group of bison as they were grazing beside the trail. One of the animals charged as she walked past, tossing her onto the ground and leaving her with lasting injuries.