Tourists Beg to Get Trampled by Moose While Filming Way Too Close: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Checking out wildlife in its natural habitat is an exciting experience. That’s one of the many reasons why millions of tourists flock to our nation’s scenic national parks and other scenic parks, caves, canyons, and forests year-round. Visitors can get what is often a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of some of the country’s most incredible sights when visiting these awe-inspiring areas. Sights such as these wandering moose that were recently captured in an Instagram video. However, as the Insta post quickly not, tourists visiting these natural areas are just begging for trouble when they get a little too close to these natural wonders.

Visitors At Utah’s Big Cottonwood Canyon Get Way Too Close To The Natural Wildlife

It’s only natural that visitors to one of our nation’s wildlife areas stop to get a glimpse of the animals enjoying their natural habitats. And, who wouldn’t want to snap a pic or a video along with this? It’s not every day one sees a group of wild moose hanging out in the wild!

These moments can certainly be perfectly serene, watching wild animals go about their regular activities as we peek into their natural habitats. However, there is only one safe way to do so, and that is at a distance. This is a rule that some tourists decided to ignore in a moment of poor decisions recently. And the moment was all caught on video.

As the video plays we quickly see exactly what is wrong with this outdoor moment. Far too many onlookers are getting way too close to the group of moose as they walk through the area, hooves crunching the snow that is blanketing the ground beneath them.

“[Getting] way too close to a young bull moose,” the Insta post continues of the dangerous behavior captured in the clip.

Getting Dangerously Close To Wild Bull Moose

It’s a moment that is both awe-inspiring and heart-pounding as we see some moose saunter across the landscape at the scenic Utah wildlife area. However, there is one onlooker that is standing way too close to the group, putting themselves in some potentially very serious danger. Then, this onlooker is joined by a few more people who have chosen today to make some very bad decisions.

As the video plays, we see one of the moose walking in the group stop for a beat, pausing as the onlookers continue to film the moment and snap some pics. Perhaps it senses the onlookers standing close by. Or maybe it’s just taking a moment to enjoy the view. Either way, this is the moose’s territory and it is up to the tourists to let them pass without stepping too far into their space. Thankfully, this video proves as only a warning and no one sustained injuries in the incident.