Tourists Inches Away From Monster Bison Roasted Over Viral Video From Yellowstone National Park

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: ERIC BARADAT / Contributor

Nearly every day, we’re seeing reports of people getting too close for comfort to our wildlife. Such as the case in a recent incident involving a bison and several moronic tourists. In a recent post from the Instagram account, ‘Tourons of Yellowstone,” we have yet another example of what not to do should you come across bison.

In the clip, a Yellowstone visitor comes across a couple who have gotten out of their truck to look closely at the bison. While the bison is enjoying its snack, the looming tourists have whipped out their phones to take some pics — something they could’ve easily accomplished from the safety of their cars. Unfortunately, sometimes some people don’t know, or simply choose to ignore the dangers of getting close to wild animals. Check out the clip below.

After the account uploaded the pic, many users took to the comments section to drop in their own opinions on the senseless actions of the tourists. “It’s not Disneyland,” one user said, while someone else wrote, “I simply don’t understand the need to get close to a wild animal.”

Someone else asked: “Did they feel safe with that flimsy fence to protect them?” referring to the small fencing separating the people from the dangerous animals.

In another instance involving Yellowstone’s bison population, tourists were a little more than shaken up after driving across one of the park’s bridges. Recently, several visitors were driving across a bridge when all of a sudden, the bridge started bouncing. However, it wasn’t due to any engineering issues. Instead, it was the result of a large herd of bison.

Yellowstone visitors shaken up after herd of bison stampede across bridge

Kevin Madigan shared a clip of the incident and gave some insight into the event: “The whole bridge is just jumping!” he said. However, Madigan admitted it was a “truly amazing” experience via Facebook.

Madigan also shared the video to a Yellowstone National Park Facebook group and added that “the bouncing of the video is due to the weight of the bison.”

The extremely rare incident also occurred at one of the many bridges in Yellowstone that crosses the Yellowstone River. However, Madigan didn’t mention a specific location in the park. All we know is you don’t want to find yourself caught in the middle when there’s a bison herd approaching. Trust us when we say wildlife will win every time.

According to the US Park Service, there are between 2,500 and 5,000 bison in the Yellowstone National Park area. However, they also clarify that that figure is a conservative statistic.

While bison are sometimes cutely referred to as “fluffy cows,” you shouldn’t let the name fool you. On the contrary, they are dangerous creatures that have injured more people than any other animal in the park, according to Yellowstone park officials.

While getting close to bison is never a good idea, bison are even more dangerous during their rutting season.