Tourists Watch in Awe as Snake Attacks Cars: LOOK

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/kristianbell)

Tourists hanging out at a popular Gold Coast beach found a very unusual sight as a large snake sat coiled in the road, startling them as it hissed at the beachgoers. The unusual beach visitor even moved to strike at a car as it speeds past.

The wild video begins with an image of the huge snake as it sits on the road. A crowd has gathered as many of the passers-by break out their phones to film the unusual sight. Other visitors to the beach seem entirely unaware that the snake has settled onto the road. Initially, there’s a fear that the animal will be flattened by a car whizzing through the busy intersection. However, the clip ends with a brave on-looker scooping the snake up. Holding the serpent by the tail, the brave pedestrian moved the snake out of harm’s way.

Social Media Reacts To The Snake’s Unusual Appearance In The Road

Many commenters marveled at the fact that a serpent such as this one sat so prominently in the road amid beachgoers enjoying the area known as “Surfer’s Paradise.”

“Omg how did it get to surfers?” one commenter inquires.

“How the hell did it end up in the middle of the road?” another viewer wonders. Still, another comment notes that the snake was probably very scared as it sat in the busy intersection.

The Surfers Paradise area is almost always full of plenty of tourists enjoying the area. However, this doesn’t always keep the animals at bay. According to reports, it’s not entirely unusual for snakes – or even predatory birds – to appear in the area. And, sometimes they find themselves displaced like this uneasy serpent.

One wildlife expert and rescuer, Amy Wregg has spent many hours helping animals who find themselves in similar situations. In fact, Wregg recently assisted two barn owls who found themselves stranded near this same area.

Wregg also shares some important tips for those who may encounter a sight such as this one. The biggest priority the expert notes is the safety of the motorists.

“Obviously the motorist’s safety is the priority,” she explains.

“We don’t want them to cause an accident,” Wregg continues.

“If it’s safe to do so they should pull over,” the expert adds. “Get someone to direct traffic, and call a rescuer to help retrieve it.”

Wregg adds that it’s important for onlookers to avoid handling the snakes. Instead, leave that to the professionals.

“If you don’t know how to handle the snake or what type it is, I would generally say don’t touch it and leave it to a professional,” she relates. “If you pick it up by the tail and you’re not supporting the bodyweight of the snake you can also injure it.”