Train Obliterates Trees After Massive Snowstorm: VIDEO

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Following the first big snowstorm of the season hitting central British Columbia, a train was seen obliterating trees on and near the tracks. 

“After the first big snowstorm of the season in central BC, an empty grain train plows through fallen trees on its way eastbound into the Canadian Rockies,” the video’s description reads. “‘Get your smash glasses on!’”

Snowstorms have been reportedly hitting British Columbia and causing a lot of damage along the way. CBC reports that a Kelowna man managed to escape a fiery truck explosion after slipper conditions from a storm caused him to crash. 

“It was incredible,” the man, identified as Shea Kearns, explained. “When the accident first happened, I was like, ‘Maybe I’ve got a buddy that’s got a chance that could kind of pull me out.’ I kind of felt that there was a little bit of smoke, but I thought that was just from the accident.” 

Luckily for Kearns, his friend Jennifer came to the rescue and got him out before the truck exploded. “If it wasn’t for Jennifer, I’d be burnt just like my truck was.” 

CBC also stated that during the accident occurred the same that Environment Canada issued a snowfall warning throughout the southern interior. Temperatures at the time were slightly below freezing. Which made the roads have slippery conditions. Gusting winds were also blowing snow around. This created poor visibility.

Kearns recalled that he was making a delivery when he had to turn the steering wheel to avoid another vehicle on the road. “A car was kind of swerving into my lane,” he said. “So I had to think on my toes, and ditched my truck.” 

Both Kearns and Jennifer stayed in her vehicle until emergency services came to help. This took several hours.

In the US, Planes Trains, and Automobiles Grind a Halt in Buffalo

Meanwhile, on the other side of North America, trains, planes, and automobiles have ground to a halt during the major snowstorm slamming into Buffalo, New York. The storm began on Thursday and is to officially end on Sunday.

By Friday morning, nearly 33 inches of snow had landed in and around the Buffalo area. Buffalo News reports that the storm has caused travel at the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority to stop. The bus companies such as Greyhound, Barons, and Fullington are also canceling stops in Buffalo through Saturday. 

While speaking about the storm, Helen Tederous, NFTA spokeswoman, said, “It’s really going to be a pounding.

As previously reported, Lake-effect Snow Warnings have been issued on the east and northeast sides of Lake Erie and Ontario. This includes Buffalo and Niagara Falls in western New York as well as Watertown in northern New York.