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Two Bears Go Head to Head in Violent Snowy Battle: VIDEO

by Brett Stayton
Brown Bears Fighting
Daniel Hernanz Ramos

If you hang around shady hole-in-the-wall bars enough, you’re going to see some bar fights. If you keep the cameras rolling on wild brown bears enough, you’re going to see some big-time bear fights too. When two absolute heavyweights like this go at it, it’s going to be intense. This battle of bruins is no exception. It’s loud and it’s violent. No winner is clearly defined in this video tough. But it is a stark reminder that nature is all about survival of the fittest, toughest, and strongest.

Video from this recent bear fight was shared on Instagram by Nature Is Metal. It’s a wildly popular account known for showcasing the harsh realities of the wild world. It often exhibits violent and sometimes deadly conflicts that wild animals have with one another. The footage that Nature Is Metal shares is always compelling. Their captions also do a great job of providing context and details on whatever crazy scene viewers are watching too.

“In a fight between two bears, the winner is usually the one who is able to establish dominance and intimidate the other bear into submission. Brown bears have a complex social hierarchy, with dominant bears holding access to the best resources, such as food and mates. When two bears fight, they will use a variety of tactics to establish dominance, such as standing on their hind legs and roaring, swiping with their paws, or biting.

These battlers move out of sight before the fight ends, but if you had to guess, which one do you think walked away with the W?”

Two Brown Bears In Finland Go At It In An Intense Brawl

The video is reminiscent of a massively viral video from a while back. It shows two brown bears in Finland that were caught going at it on film. The fight was recorded by three separate hidden cameras, and the shifting perspectives make the video fun to watch.

The two bears move in on each other as their growls intensify. The bruins get up on their hind legs, hoping to look as big as possible. They size each other up before moving around to position a tree as a sort of barrier between them. Then the fight starts. The bears pour everything they have into the brawl for at least a solid five minutes. They use their claws, their jaws, and every ounce of strength they have while trying to overpower their opponent. Neither animal backs down though as clumps of hair and chunks of skin get ripped from one another.

Ultimately though, it appears no one wins the fight. Each bear is clearly exhausted as they saunter off into the woods to nurse their wounds. It almost seems as if each bear determines whatever they’re fighting for or about isn’t worth fighting to the death about. Life is tough out there if you’re a bear. So as a bear, you just got to be tougher.