Two Bull Elk Appear to Walk on Water During Brutal Battle on Lake Estes: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

What’s more thrilling than watching two huge bull elk go antler to antler in a battle over mating rights? Watching a pair of bull elk battle it out while listening to their massive antlers clank together as they grunt and bugle at one another, all the while sending water flying as their struggle takes place in the middle of Lake Estes, Colorado. Check it out.

Backed by a scenic mountain view, the two bull elk shove each other back and forth across the lake. The pair of elk constantly circle each other, looking to gain an advantage. Viewers taking in the scene online were fascinated to see the monster creatures going at it in the water.

One viewer joked, “You buried the lede: Colorado Mountain Animals Walk on Water.”

In actuality, one helpful Lake Estes local pointed out that the water disturbed by the elks’ flashing hooves is actually across from Lakes Estes itself. With multiple people wondering about its depth, they said, “This is the overflow area, across the road, from the main part of Estes Lake. The water level is always changing. I live down the road from this spot. Unfortunately I missed this!”

Per another commenter’s insight, bull elk are down to negotiate mating rights just about anywhere. Recalling a friend’s wedding, one viewer shared, “On my [buddy’s] wedding day, we started with 9 holes in Estes Park, had to wait on the 6th hole for a couple going at it like this. It’s amazing and beautiful.”

Apparently, golf greens are actually a popular spot for bull elk to duke it out. More recently, a viral video captured two bull elk going head to head at an Evergreen Golf Course. And the comments were full of smart remarks.

Bull Elk ‘Screams’ at Man Standing Just Feet Away

This time of year, it’s not uncommon to see bull elk across many of our nation’s national parks going head to head in antler-locking feats of strength. However, with rut season ongoing, visitors to the parks are also likely to hear more of the animals’ iconic bugles.

One man actually experienced one of those highly distinguishable calls up close and personal. Tanner Yellowhair was standing just feet away from a massive bull elk when he captured the astonishing moment the large animal let out a long, loud bugle. What makes the experience even more memorable though—as we see in the video—is that Yellowhair had been standing just feet away from the animal when it called.

“Nothing like a bull screaming in your face,” he quipped on Instagram. “Whose still out chasing big bulls?”

One viewer that’s apparently shared a similar experience said, “It’s skull splitting having them bugle that close!”

Others commented, “What a monster!” and “That’s epic right there.”