Two Men Free Pronghorn From Barbed Wire Fence, Then Things Take a Turn: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Marcia Straub)

Did that antelope just steal a shoe??? If you’re ever in Wyoming and notice a wild North American pronghorn with an unusual prong featuring a shoe on top, this may be the back story that explains it all!

Recently, a group driving alongside a Wyoming highway noticed a North American pronghorn in distress. The animal lay stuck in a barbed wire fence, legs caught in the wires. And, according to a Facebook post, the brave passersby decided to help the trapped pronghorn as best they can.

As the Facebook clip begins, we see the North American pronghorn as it struggles on the ground. The animal is stuck so tight, it looks as if the wire is pinning the poor animal in place. The footage, which was shared by one of the people in the group, Jaymie Litzel, continues as two men slowly approach the ensnared animal as it stops struggling a bit.

“Careful Of Its Prongs!”

As the two men approach the struggling animal they seem a little nervous. However, they also appear to be fairly comfortable with their plan to rescue the trapped animal from the barbed wire. And they certainly expected something a little smoother than what actually happened.

“Careful boys,” Litzel warns as the video begins and we see the two men approaching the trapped animal.

“Careful of its prongs,” Litzel offers as the video records.

One of the people in this impromptu rescue group is prepared to clip the wires holding onto the pronghorn. The other man is ready to hold things steady, first as the cut is applied and then as the animal breaks free.

The man bends down, cutting the wire as the trapped pronghorn struggles. The animal looks to be unsure of its rescuers. However, it is ready to let the rescuers do what they need to do to help set it free. The other man holds onto the wire and places his foot on the pronghorn’s head…keeping it still even as it is freed from the fencing.

The Previously Ensnared Pronghorn Gallops Off Into The Night, The Shoe Resting Perfectly On Its Prongs…

The men seem to be positioned just right in order to effectively rescue the pronghorn while also protecting themselves from the animals’ prongs. However, once the pronghorn is freed from the barbed wire, it makes its move. Ultimately knocking down the man that has secured the animal’s head in place. And, in a swift move, the pronghorn knocks the man down, scooping his shoe onto its horn…headed toward the vast prairie. The group of rescuers laughs as they watch the animal run, taking off into the distance…shoe and all.