Two Mountain Lions Spotted in California Backyard Attacking a Deer

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Two mountain lions have been spotted attacking deer in California backyards recently. The sightings occurred early Wednesday morning as residents reported the mountain lions searching for their kill. As a result, the area officials issued an advisory.

Residents Report Mountain Lion Sighting In California Neighborhood

The pair of mountain lions were spotted by residents in a San Mateo neighborhood in California. According to the reports, the lions were seen attacking deer at a residence early Wednesday morning. The report first came to the San Mateo area police officers at around 1:05 am on Wednesday. During this report, the caller notes that the mountain lions were attacking deer in the backyard.

“I was shocked because we’ve been here for so long time,” notes Paris Maboudi, one of the residents in the San Mateo California neighborhood.

“But we’ve never had a problem,” Maboudi says.

Officials Spotted One Of The Lions, And Believe Another Was Still In The Area

Once on the scene, San Mateo police officers called in additional resources to help in efforts to track down the mountain lions. When the officials arrived on the scene, they were able to locate one of the mountain lions hiding in a brush. This lion was about 50 yards up the hill.

Officers also note that they notice some rustling in the brush near this lion. Leading officials to believe that both cougars were present when they responded to the call.

Protocol dictates that the officers not harm the wild animal since there was no immediate threat to the public at the time of the call. However, the officials did call in for an air unit to respond as well as Fish and Wildlife experts. These requests were denied.

The Mountain Lions No Longer Pose A Threat To Area Residents

The resident who spotted the pair of mountain lions reportedly used a flashlight to send the predators on their way. The report notes that they fled up the hills surrounding the residence, leaving the deer behind. The deer did not make it.

“I think it’s very scary,” Maboudi says of the incident.

“Honestly, I don’t feel comfortable coming on the deck,” Maboudi continues. “And spending time up here anymore by myself alone,” said Maboudi.

“That’s pretty crazy to hear,” notes another area resident, Quincy McKnown of the event.

“We haven’t heard about many mountain lion sightings around these parts,” McKnown adds.

“But if you think about it, it’s not terribly surprising,” he adds. “We’re up next to this beautiful park, a lot of nature around us.”