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UFO Hovering Above School Turns Out to Be Rare Natural Phenomenon

by Emily Morgan
Ufo Hovering School Rare Natural Phenomenon
Photo by: Artem Peretiatko

Residents in the United Kingdom were left scratching their heads after a strange shape appeared in the sky, causing people to think it was a hovering UFO. According to the reports, the odd phenomenon occurred recently in south London after a bystander saw an abnormally wavy object in the sky. 

In addition, the witness saw the mysterious object in the morning at a local school’s field. The incident has sent UFO followers into a frenzy, tossing out wild theories about what it could be. 

After the clip was posted, users on Reddit joked online that the UFO was actually a spy balloon from China. That comment came after U.S. officials recently shot down a Chinese balloon over fears that it was for surveillance purposes. 

“After Chinese balloon in the USA, we got Chinese boomerang in the U.K., though not sure if there is anything worth spying on in Croydon?” one user wrote. Another added that it was the “Chinese Spy Arch.”

Internet users toss around theories about bizarre-looking ‘UFO’

A third person quipped it could be a “drone uprising.”

One person also suggested a much more realistic theory. They posed that it could be a phenomenon known as a horseshoe vortex cloud.

According to reports, the horseshoe vortex cloud is a rare occurrence when the cloud forms in an area of swirling air. While it’s unclear what the odd shape could be, many people believe it’s probably just birds flying in formation. 

“Murmuration of starlings or another kind of bird?” someone added in the thread. However, someone else said it wasn’t the time of year for the phenomenon. 

The person who posted the video also wrote about the incident. “At the time, it didn’t look like birds,” they added, “More like smoke or a cloud.”

According to officials at the Weather Channel, horseshoe vortex clouds can appear when a cloud moves into an area with warm rising air and various updraft speeds, leading it to spin. Then, the middle of the cloud will continue to rise due to the warm air, giving it a horseshoe appearance. 

However, if you hope to see one, you better keep your eyes peeled, as they typically disappear in just a few minutes.

Across the pond in the U.S., people have also been baffled by similar clouds in the sky. Last July, a viral video showed a darker-colored cloud shaped like a UFO hovering over an area in Arizona.

One user commented on the video at the time, writing, “A cloud? Lol.” Another user said it looked like an ad for Jordan Peele’s new alien-centered film, Nope. But, then, Universal Pictures even got in on the joke by commenting, “NOPE,” along with a cloud emoji.