Ukrainian Chimp Escapes Zoo, Gets Ride Home on a Bicycle: VIDEO

by Amy Myers

While the war still rages on in Ukraine, an escaped chimp from a local zoo provided the country with a heartwarming moment when staff had to persuade the primate to come back home.

Recently, a female chimp named Chichi managed to break out of her enclosure in the Kharkiv zoo. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for her caretakers to notice that she was missing, and they quickly located her wandering through the city’s streets. According to local news sources, Chichi took a stroll past Kharkiv National University and the city’s Svobody Square, but she didn’t seem interested in causing any trouble. Rather, it appeared that the curious chimp wanted to go on a sightseeing field trip.

Eventually, Chichi’s caretakers caught up with her when a rainstorm hit the area. Not one for walking through the rain, the chimp allowed one of the zoo’s staff members to put a yellow raincoat on her before graciously hugging her human. The moment looked like it was taken straight from the pages of a children’s book.

Even more adorable was the fact that her handlers placed Chichi on a bicycle in order to transport her back home. At this point, the chimp no longer had her raincoat on, but she seemed content with her day in the city. Since then zoo director Oleksiy Grigoriev confirmed that staff members safely returned Chichi to her enclosure.

Take a look at the precious moment below.

Chimp Rescued From Russian Shelling at Previous Zoo

Sadly, Chichi’s story doesn’t come without a bit of tragedy. Prior to her Kharkiv outing, the chimp’s original home zoo, Feldman Ecopark, fell victim to Russian shelling in May.

Staff members hurried to evacuate its hundreds of animals, including Chichi, but still, the bombs killed more than a hundred animals before they emptied the zoo. Additionally, six volunteers helping with the rescue efforts died as well, according to the zoo’s owner, the Kharkiv businessman Oleksandr Feldman.

That said, it’s lucky that Chichi is still alive and well enough to be walking around Kharkiv. If nothing else, her lighthearted adventure reminds us of the animal residents still in Ukraine and the selfless individuals that stayed behind to ensure their safety.

Among the volunteers was a 15-year-old who had come to Chichi’s home zoo with his parents. According to a German publication, Bild, the teenager fell victim to the attack. He ended up in the hospital, but unfortunately, he had already passed.

As Chichi is still in Kharkiv, she and her fellow zoo residents are still in some danger. Recently, the city has experienced daily bombings, per the Guardian, and many buildings have become nothing more than black rubble in the wake of the destruction.