US Military Jet Pilot & Student Eject From Aircraft After Bird Gets Sucked Into Engine: VIDEO

by Emily Morgan

A newly released military video shows the moment a bird flew into a Navy jet while conducting a training exercise. Moments later, the pilot and student are ejected from the aircraft before the plane crashed into someone’s home.

In the clip, viewers can see the moment a jet trainer was flying with a student pilot on September 19, 2021, over the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth, Texas.

Suddenly, a bird flies too low and gets sucked into the jet’s engine. Then, viewers can hear one of the pilots yell, ‘S***,’ as he prepares for an emergency landing. After alarms sound off in the cockpit, the pilot yells in horror, “We’re not going to make it! Standby to eject. Pull up! Pull up!”

The video cuts out just before the jet crashes into a home in a Lake Worth neighborhood.

Homeowner speaks out about crash: ‘Very scary’

Thankfully, no civilians were hurt in the crash. In addition, the pilot only received minor injuries after landing nearby. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the student pilot. He suffered burns after his parachute got caught in power lines after he ejected himself from the jet.

At this time, the pilots’ names have not been publicly released. However, video footage posted to Facebook showed the parachute entangled in cables. Debris damaged three Lake Worth homes, with the plane being found in one of the backyards.

According to an official statement from the Chief of Naval Air Training, the aircraft was a Navy T-45C Goshawk jet trainer plane assigned from Training Air Wing 2 at Naval Air Station in Kingsville, Texas.

Officials also revealed that the pilots were conducting a routine training flight that originated from the Corpus Christi International Airport, nearly 350 miles south of Lake Worth.

Officials later located the plane’s wreckage in three of the homes that were affected by the crash. The Red Cross members also helped evacuate residents away from their homes.

Mark Sellers, whose home was the most damaged of the three, said his son and his nine-year-old granddaughter were just mere inches away from the impact. “Very scary,” Sellers admitted after the crash. “We could have lost him and lost my granddaughter.”

By October 1, officials had cleaned up the damage and later began investigating the crash.

Ukrainian man honored after shooting down Russian military jet

Across the world, a Ukrainian senior citizen has received a medal of heroism after shooting down a Russian Su-34 jet with his rifle. The older man, Valeriy Fedorovych, allegedly fired at the Russian plane flying over the Ukrainian town of Chernihiv.

Fedorovych then kept debris from the exploded jet, keeping the recovered pieces in his possession.

“I went ‘bang’ with my rifle,” the Ukrainian man said of the moment. “And it was like ‘bang.,'” he continues. “And the Russian Su-34 jet fell.