US Tourist Caught by X-Ray Trying to Smuggle Live Albino Alligator on Flight

by Sean Griffin
(Photo credit should read GUILLAUME SOUVANT/AFP via Getty Images)

A tourist from the United States was caught smuggling a yard-long live albino alligator on a flight from Germany to Singapore.

Baggage inspectors at Munich International Airport discovered the animal via x-ray back in September.

The stunned inspectors found the rare gator had been stuffed into a suitcase. It was curled up and wrapped in Saran wrap from head to toe, with a small hole for the animal to breathe.

However, the 42-year-old traveler who tried to smuggle the animal in then had criminal proceedings launched against them.

Rescuers seized the alligator and delivered it to a reptile sanctuary in Munich. 

Albino alligators can be bought by customers for up to 75,000 Euros (£65,700) in Asia, according to German media. 

The act of illegal wildlife trafficking involves bringing species of animal into or out of a country without a permit. 

It is an offense under the Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act (ESA).

In Singapore, offenders can face up to 2 years in jail. They may also receive a fine of up to £45,000 ($50,000) for illegal wildlife trafficking.

Munich Main Customs Office then released a statement on the matter.

“While checking luggage, security check employees discovered an unusual X-ray image. They immediately informed customs officers, who, when opening the suitcase, found a live white alligator wrapped in cling film. Together with a veterinarian, the customs officers freed the animal and took over first aid.”

The statement goes on to acknowledge that customs agents tracked him down before departing. “The officials initiated proceedings against the 42-year-old businessman,” the statement said.

The Munich Customs Investigation Office then took over the investigation.

“The animal is currently in the sanctuary for reptiles and will continue to be cared for there,” the statement concluded.

Albino Alligator’s Reaction To Being Cleaned Goes Viral

Next, this albino alligator named Coconut loves bath time.

In this viral TikTok, this albino alligator looked absolutely thrilled to be scrubbed down by her caretaker. The adorable footage was shared by The Reptile Zoo (@thereptilezoo) of Fountain Valley, California.

In the cute video, Coconut’s caretaker scrubs Coconut with a toothbrush. However, then, the cute alligator closes its eyes and seems to smile with the scrubbing.

“She likes it!” the woman in the video says. Watch the video below to see how much Coconut enjoys her bath time.

@thereptilezoo Scrubbing coconut content will never gets old! And I think she hopes it will never stop 🥥🪥#ReTokforNature #animals #tiktok #fyp #funny #love #nature ♬ Up – Movie Theme – Giampaolo Pasquile

“Scrubbing coconut content will never gets old! And I think she hopes it will never stop,” the caption jokes. 

They’re certainly right about scrubbing content never getting old, since the video has been viewed over thirty million times on TikTok.

“She’s loving that she has her own personal spa treatment,” one user wrote in the comments section. “The very epitome of being pampered! Look at those darling eyes, the happy grin!

“Yes, right there, now to the left a little more!’” another added.

“I’ve never seen an alligator smile before! This is so very sweet!” another commenter chimed in.

“What a beautiful lil albino! The eyes just melt my heart,” one user wrote.