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Van Swept Away by Raging Floodwater While Attempting to Cross Flooded Driveway

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/savoilic)

Areas all over the country have been facing intense weather patterns sweeping through. Heavy snowfalls and winter storms are creating dangerous conditions, even avalanches in some areas while other regions are facing flooding issues as heavy rains just don’t seem to be letting up. The floodwater is taking over areas, cresting above driveways and roadways in some regions.

That’s what happened recently in Spring Hill, Tennessee. And, some frightening video captures an incident related to the heavy flooding as a large van is swept away by the raging floodwaters. The terrifying incident occurred after the driver of the large vehicle attempted to cross a flooded driveway. Even as the floodwater continues raging above the ground, and over the roadways.

Heavy Rains Hit The Area Last Week, Causing Dangerous Flooding

In a recent Twitter post shared by CBS, we see the wild video as a white van attempts to cross the flooded area. Only to end up swept away in the current. With the driver of the van still inside.

“A van was swept away by raging floodwaters,” notes the CBS Twitter post recently. According to the post, this dangerous moment occurred “after a driver attempted to cross a flooded driveway in Spring Hill, Tennessee.”

The CBS Tweet continues to note that the area received “heavy rain” earlier in the week.

The video shows the van as it slowly enters the floodwater-covered roadways, with onlookers standing behind on the dry area of the road. The van inches into the raging floodwaters. The vehicle’s driver continues to advance further into the floodwaters, even as it becomes clear that they are well above the tire level of the vehicle. In fact, the van’s front is nearly completely submerged as it enters the roadway.

Soon, however, the van almost buoys up in the flooding roadway. At this point, we can see the tires of the vehicle are no longer gripping the ground below. Instead, the van is at the mercy of the raging waters. The vehicle begins to get swept away as the video continues. Turning with the current as the floodwaters carry the van away.

A Dramatic Video Shows A Shipping Container Floating In Floodwater Past A Business

Weather patterns have been creating some dangerous situations all across the world in recent weeks. Last month, Australia faced some devastating flooding in the Molong and Eugowra areas. Warnings of dangerous floodwaters continued for days in this region.

A dramatic video clip shared on social media was taken by an onlooker who was watching from a nearby balcony. In the video we see the floodwater rolling past, the currents unsettlingly strong as the flooding continues on, almost unrelentingly.

At one point, the wild video clip shows the moment a wayward shipping container floats around. It moves past businesses in what appears to be the downtown area. However, as the video continues, we see so much more devastation caused by the flooding that the shipping container floating past seems like a small issue in the grand scheme of things.