Video of Ant Being Left Behind by His Friends Has the Internet in Tears

by Craig Garrett
Close-up of ant on leaf - stock photo

A viral video shared on Twitter featuring an ant getting ditched by its selfish friends has hit the internet right in the feels. The heartwrenching clip was posted by user @fasc1nate. The account claims it posts “interesting science, gadgets, history, art, and more.” It has quite a fanbase, with nearly 300,000 followers.

The video opens with a shot of three ants as they stand on a tree branch. A large, green leaf dangles above the tiny trio. The three spring into action, forming a ladder out of their bodies. Stacked on top of each other, the top insect easily reaches the leaf and climbs up. With slightly more difficulty, the middle ant manages to pull itself up onto the leaf, too.

However, that’s when the existential crisis begins. The final ant watches as its two companions crawl away, never looking back. The leaf dangles, out of reach of the tiny creature that moments ago had helped its friends climb onto it. The insect stand on its hind legs, its antenna at attention. It seems to be hopeful that the other two ants will come back to lend a helping leg. That is not to be, though. The lone buy seems to realize it has been forgotten and slumps down, defeated.

The ant video is depressing thousands of Twitter users

The dramatic ant video has taken Twitter by storm. It has amassed over 3 million views since it was posted Monday morning. The tweet also has nearly 40 thousand likes and over 3 thousand retweets. Of course, many users are weighing in about the sorrowful insect.

One Twitter user directly related to the ant’s experience. “When you and the boys are climbing into the Uber and realize there’s not enough space so you gotta order a separate one by yourself,” they wrote. Another user couldn’t believe how emotional a clip of an insect could be. “Omggg I’ve never felt my heart break this way for an ANT before,” they quipped.

Another Twitter user decided to add to the drama by splicing in some music. They dubbed in “The Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel over the footage. As the ant is abandoned by its friends, the iconic lyrics hit… “hello darkness, my old friend…”.

Unlike their wasp ancestors, most ants travel by walking since female worker ants do not have wings and reproductive females lose their wings after mating flights. However, some species are capable of leaping; for example, Jerdon’s jumping ant is able to jump due to its ability to synchronize the action of its mid and hind pairs of legs. Some ants will form chains in order to cross bodies of water or link gaps underground. Others build rafts that help the entire colony survive floods.