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Video Footage Shows Huge Hammerhead Sharks Swimming Inside Safety Nets at Popular Beach

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Alexis Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

Some wild video footage shows the moment massive hammerhead sharks swim inside safety nets at a popular Australian beach. The shocking footage was captured earlier this week at the Australian Bondi Beach. The video clip shows the hammerheads as they cruise inside the safety nets in the water. These nets are designed to prevent large ocean animals, such as these hammerheads, from approaching areas along the shores.

Drone Footage Captures The Wild Moment As Hammerhead Sharks Breach Safety Nets Along Australian Beach

The footage was shared recently on Instagram by Jason Iggleden who created the Drone Shark App. The footage shows the hammerheads as they swim one behind the other. The sharks seem unbothered by any activity as they move about lazily while swimming just behind the surf. Drone Shark App founder Jason Iggleden, shows the hammerheads swimming lazily beyond the surf, one behind the other.

In the post, Jason Iggleden notes that despite his many hours of collecting drone footage he hasn’t seen anything like this before. And, Iggleden quips, he’s happy to see the shark dubbed “Homer” and his friend successfully breached the shark nets.

“Great to see they diverted the nets safely,” the caption posted along with the footage notes.

The caption goes on to note that one of the sharks is known to the area beach-goers. However, this shark who locals have dubbed Homer has breached the nets with a buddy the post notes.

“Obviously one was Homer guys,” the caption says.

“[But] hey who do we think the other one was behind,” the caption asks. Maybe this is Homer’s girlfriend? Whatever the case, the Drone Shark App Insta post decides this second shark needs a name. And, the name needs to begin with “H” just like Homer.

Thankfully, there were no swimmers in this beach area when the two hammerheads made their unexpected appearances. This, the Insta caption notes, is because of the hammerhead sharks’ impeccable timing.

“There were no swimmers in the area as it was just before sunrise,” the Instagram message notes.

“[Unlike] the thousands of swimmers yesterday,” the post continues.

Thousands Of Swimmers Participated In A Major Swimming Event Just A Day Earlier

Iggleden notes that the popular beach had thousands of visitors just the day before as many participated in a popular swimming event.

And, some experts note that nets such as the ones these two hammerhead shark’s found their way past have long been controversial. They have negative effects on marine life, many notes. Plus, as this video shows, there is no guarantee the sharks won’t find a way around them.

“Two of the largest, scalloped and great hammerheads, are endangered and are protected species,” notes an Australian shark expert. “The fact these two were spotted on the beach side of the net shows how outdated and ineffective this measure is.”