VIDEO: Grizzly Bear Turns on the Jets Sprinting Past Trail Cam in Yukon

by Sean Griffin

In this insane video from Yukon Wildlife Cams, a grizzly bear marks a tree, scratches its back against it, and then turns on the jets and shows off its incredible speed.

This massive grizzly bear zooms past the wildlife camera, seemingly looking into the lens at one point in the video. Facebook users quickly commented on the size and speed of the beast. “Remember, you only have to be faster than your hiking partner!” one user joked.

“Can you imagine standing where the trail camera is..” one user asked. Frankly, we can’t imagine anyone standing there still while hundreds of pounds of wild muscle barrel straight at you.

Cub Gets High Off ‘Mad Honey’

However, sometimes bears can be cute, especially if rendered non-dangerous. That’s exactly what happened to one intoxicated cub who got high off of what’s called “mad honey.”

In this video trending online seen here, a disoriented and intoxicated cub staggers around a truck bed. It was eventually rescued and treated by a vet. The incident took place in northwestern Turkey’s Duzce province on Thursday.

The grizzly cub was believed to be intoxicated after eating an excessive amount of what’s called “mad honey.”

NBC News explains that “mad honey” is called “deli bal” in Turkish. “Deli bal” is a type of rhododendron honey that brings on hallucinogenic effects.

In the footage, the bear wobbles and attempts to escape the pickup truck. However, the cub sat with its belly up and bottom down, almost looking like a human slumped on a recliner. The bear whined as it tried to move but could barely control its motor functions. People gathered by and laughed but quickly called for assistance for the animal.

Bear Takes a Plunge in Connecticut Pond

Recently, a bear chose to beat the summer heat by diving into someone’s backyard pond in Suffield, Connecticut. The video went viral as it shows the bear merrily frolicking in the water. However, the bear seems to be enjoying the cool escape from the brutal weather. Suffield resident Kim L. Freedman captured the clip and posted it online.

Local news outlet WWLP of Springfield Massachusetts interviewed Freedman. She lives nearby the Deep Brook Harbor North pond and while outside, she spotted the black bear swimming there earlier this month.

“The bear is having a blast!” Freedman told the news outlet. Then, she shared a comment that many online agree with. “Many people have said to me it looks like it’s practicing its synchronized swimming.”

Recently, another Connecticut companion bear found a covered pool and hopped right in. With heat waves rampant across the country, more bears may take to neighborhood ponds to cool off.

In the video, the animal paddles to one side of the pond, looking almost like a dog with its head moseying above the surface. Then it turns and splashes and swims further toward the shore. As Freedman claimed, the bear does seem to be dancing or practicing some synchronized swimming movement. Either way, since the video occurred in Connecticut, the bear depicted is most likely an Eastern black bear. This type remains one of the most common in the United States.