VIDEO: Man Somehow Sleeps Through Wildly Close Encounter With Two Enormous Moose

by Amy Myers

This Colorado man slept so soundly on the grass that he completely missed the two moose that wandered right by his head. On July 25, the man was probably just enjoying the southwestern sunshine by a river in Breckenridge when he dozed off into a deep slumber … so deep that he didn’t so much as stir when the thousand-pound animals passed him.

It’s probably for the best that the guy didn’t wake up when the animals were close. While moose aren’t aggressive by nature, they will defend themselves if you startle them. If the man woke up while one of the animals was close, he could have spooked them and maybe even caused them to stomp on him. Still, it was almost alarming that the man didn’t even wake as people were calling out to him across the water.

Among the bystanders was Sara Cox, owner of a Blue River Plaza shop called The Crown. At the time, was on her shop’s back patio when she noticed the moose and the slumbering man. According to Cox, the animals were frequent visitors of the plaza. Knowing that loud noises could frighten the moose, the shop owner was hesitant to call out to the man.

“Me and a couple people, we were unsure how to react,” Cox told Summit Daily. “We don’t want to startle the moose, but we were trying to wake the guy up by calling out to him. But he slept through the whole thing.” 

Man Revealed Why He Didn’t Hear Warnings About Nearby Moose

Also at the moose incident was local Christie Stinger who had just left Marigolds Farmhouse Funk & Junk when she saw what the fuss was about. Unsure what she was about to witness, Stinger pulled out her phone and snapped a few photos.

“I just have always heard not to startle them. It’s just common sense to me,” Stinger said. “Again, I didn’t want him to get up and catch their attention by moving too quickly, so I just didn’t say anything.” 

Eventually, Stinger left the area but returned roughly 15 minutes later to find the man still asleep on the grass.

Meanwhile, concerned about the man’s wellbeing, Cox decided to wake him up and tell him what happened. Apparently, the guy had earbuds in when he fell asleep. He didn’t hear any of the warnings that Cox and others had given, nor did he know the moose were nearby. Initially, he laughed about the incident. But when Cox showed him the video of the moose walking dangerously close to his head, he realized how lucky he was to have come away without injury.

Likely, in the future, the man will choose his next nap spot more carefully and survey the area for any hooved visitors.