VIDEO: Testosterone-Fueled Grizzly Bears Face off in Brutal Battle Over Nearby Sow

by Sean Griffin

In this shocking footage, two massive testosterone-fueled grizzly bears fight over a female in this footage that lasts over five minutes.

User Jeremy Bagwell posted the years-old video to YouTube, where it currently has over two million views. The grizzlies duel on rocky terrain, trading blows and wrestling.

Fans of the video online took to the comment section to voice their thoughts on the incredible encounter. One person wrote: “When you look at these grizzlies fighting you get the sense how strong and muscular they really are. Also pretty agile for their size.”

Another person commented on the fighting prowess of the majestic beasts. They wrote: “Grizzlies have such a strong and innate sense of balance + leverages. It’s like they’re on the wrestling team of the animal kingdom.”

That commenter is spot on. Throughout the video, the grizzlies twist and contort their bodies to gain maximum leverage, just like a wrestler does.

“That was incredibly evenly matched,” another user wrote. “Amazing that they both stayed on their feet as much as they did, standing on rocks no less.”

A final user commented about the natural intelligence of the animal in their fight for a mate. The user commented that the bears both knew that in this instance, they were fighting to win the girl, not to kill each other like most of these physical encounters.

Grizzly Bear Forces Moose to Sacrifice a Calf

However, sometimes grizzlies are competing for food, not for mates.

One viral video started trending on Instagram after popular account NatureIsMetal posted a moose sacrificing one of its calves in a shocking grizzly bear chase.

“Intended Consequences,” the account captioned their post, a pun on the common phrase “unintended consequences.”

The video depicts a huge bear chasing a moose and two of its calves. Onlookers in a boat on the other side of the river videoed the incident. Footage shows the bear galloping through marsh before diving into the water. Then, as the camera pans further downstream, we see the beast has locked its eyes on two targets: two calves swimming at a slower pace.

The woman videoing the incident asks where the mother moose is, hoping she would step in to save them. As if on cue, the moose appears from behind brush and dives in to protect her babies. However, the bear gains ground and eventually closes in. The mother moose seems to divert the hungry grizzly bear from one calf and allows it to lunge for the other.

Then, the mother moose simply watches with her other calf as the grizzly bear starts eating the baby. The onlookers from the boat groan with sadness.

A commenter agrees with the sentiment. They wrote, “We’re all just DNA vehicles at the end of the day.” Another user commented that the mother preserved her favorite calf and left the other one to die.