VIDEO: This Bizarre Sea Creature With Huge Fangs Will Haunt Your Nightmares

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Mahmut Serdar Alakus/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

The internet never disappoints when it comes to showing us some impressive specimens pulled straight from our waters. From freshwater fish that blow away records to deep sea creatures that reside in the depths of the oceans, there’s always something new to discover. Such is the case with one recent find. A sea creature that seems to come to us straight out of an alien movie. Or, even some of our worst nightmares!

Does This Guy Come To Us Straight From An Alien Movie … Or Some Of Our Worst Nightmares?

Recently, the Nature is Lit Twitter page shared a freaky sight on its account. Depicting a short clip of a fanged sea creature. One that is no doubt straight out of some of our worst nightmares.

The creature is long and worm-like resembling an eel. However, this animal has a set of scary-looking fangs … and doesn’t appear to have eyes from what we can tell in the video! However, the folks on Reddit believe this unusual animal is an eel goby.

Redditors Discuss The Unusual Sea Creature

In the recent Reddit thread, commenters note that this strange-looking sea animal is what is known as a mud-dwelling eel goby. However, some of the Redditors couldn’t help but comment on the post. Noting that this unusual creature makes one popular Disney film come to mind. Or, more specifically, one particular scene from the hit film Monster’s Inc. Taking us back to the moment when the starring “monsters” created their own musical number.

“Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me!” quips one Redditor on the strange Reddit post.

“It’s a musical!” another Redditor agrees in the hilarious comment thread.

Is This Animal Just Reacting To The Shock Of Being Pulled From Its Natural Habitat?

Of course, one commenter mentioned that this creepy sea creature is likely just very worried. After all, it’s been pulled away from its own water-filled home and pulled onto a boat and “dragged from your preferred pressure, temperature, and lighting into a blazing inferno where you can’t breathe.”

“Without the support of water your body feels enormously heavy and bloated,” the Redditor writes of the creatures likely to experience.

“Your auditory experience [underwater] never prepared you for the muted soundscape above,” the commenter continues.

“Similarly, the vibrations you rely on to sense your surroundings are completely severed,” the Redditor says of the strange sea creature. “[Because] compressional waves behave differently in a gaseous environment.”

“That poor guy,” another Redditor agrees.”He was probably just chilling when some random dudes ripped him from his home forcibly and are now poking at him and making fun of his looks.”

However, another commenter notes that this type of eel is likely to be able to survive outside of the water. Even for a chunk of time. This Redditor writes that “[goby’s] are capable of surviving in [the] air for a considerable amount of time.”