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Videos Of Airplanes ‘Floating in Midair’ Reveal Glitches In The Matrix

by Brett Stayton
Phone and Airplane
Photo by Qi Yang/Getty Images

Two recent videos of airplanes seemingly stuck floating in mid-air recently emerged. The footage seems to showcase what many folks online are referring to as a “glitch in the matrix.” According to Epic Flight Academy, a commercial airplane that covers long distances typically flies somewhere between 547-575 mph. Flying Magazine says more modern airplanes like Boeing 747s, Boeing 737s, and Airbus A380s can travel at speeds between 588-737 mph at their peak. Although, most of those planes still cruise at speeds of 550-600 mph. When planes take off, they average speeds of 160-180 mph down the runway. Smaller planes, like single-propeller aircraft that recreational pilots fly move much slower, typically about 140 mph.

With that much horsepower, most planes obviously appear to be moving pretty quickly through the air, even to bystanders on the ground. Even in the strongest of wind conditions, a plane would be able to cut through those conditions thanks to their aerodynamic shape and powerful engines. Though people tried to blame the wind for floating planes in these two videos, there has to be some sort of other explanation for the footage. Maybe it’s physics or maybe it’s all merely an optical illusion, but a glitch in the matrix sounds like a pretty good explanation to me. Take a look and decide for yourself.

Two Fascinating Videos Appear To Show Planes Floating In Mid-Air

The first video shows a small single-engine plane towing some sort of signage behind. It really does appear to just be hovering as people below look on in amazement and record the spectacle. The video was shared on Twitter by Ghost X Activity.

The second video was shared by a lady named Mallory Wight on Twitter. She appears to have recorded the footage from a moving vehicle below the plane. She was apparently driving in the opposite direction that plane was moving as she passes underneath. Perhaps it’s just the angle that the plane was moving overlayed with the angle at which her vehicle was moving that caused the plane to look like it was suspended in midair. As her car passes beneath the plane, it appears to show the plane is actually chugging along just fine though. Who knows what was actually happening in these two videos huh?

Exploring The Universal Hot-Crazy Matrix

Speaking of matrixes though… Have you heard of the Universal Hot-Crazy Matrix? It’s a fascinating scientific hypothesis originally developed by a Nashville man named Dana McLendon. He discussed his epic invention with Outsider’s very own Jay Cutler a while back.

The original video absolutely blew up in popularity dating back to 2014 when he first posted it online. “When I tell you it’s been seen 300… 400… 500 million times, I quit counting when I found myself 300 million times. And that’s not even counting Facebook where you can’t count. That’s not counting private… who knows? It became explosively hyper viral very quickly,” McLendon said. Though he did receive some backlash for the video, it’s still hilarious.

Boss Hunting more recently provided some additional evidence to back up the credibility of the Universal Hot-Crazy Matrix. The website also provided a written breakdown of the 6 zones on the matrix which detail the types of women out there in the real world.

  • The No Go Zone: women who are both unattractive and crazy. 
  • The Danger Zone: women who are very attractive, but very crazy (“This is where your tires get slashed and you end up in jail.”).
  • The Fun Zone: women who are moderately attractive and not too crazy. 
  • The Date Zone: attractive women who are a little bit crazy. 
  • The Wife Zone: women who are very attractive but only slightly crazy.
  • The Unicorn Zone: a mythical and elusive, near-extinct attractive group of women who are hardly crazy, but a 10-hot (“Capture it safely, keep it alive. We would like to study it.”).

The Universal Hot-Crazy Matrix gained so much popularity that it was even featured in an episode of the hit TV show How I Met Your Mother. Neil Patrick Harris’s legendary character Barney Stinson provides a more simplified explanation of the Hot-Crazy Matrix.

So just forget about those boring airplane videos, and cheers to every dude out there just looking for a lady above that Vicky Mendoza line. Even bigger cheers to those dudes out there who have solidified things with a magnificent Unicorn of their own.