Wandering Skunk Sprays Washington Suspect, Ends up Helping Police Capture Him

by Megan Molseed

One burglar found himself in a very stinky situation recently as a helpful skunk stepped in to help officers who were pursuing the criminal. And, these officers aren’t making a stink out of the whole ordeal, thanking the furry law enforcer for its help!

The skunk sprayed the suspected burglar outside a Deer Park, Washington church. It didn’t stick around for the accolades, though. After spraying the subject down, the skunk scampered away…going about its business.

A Skunk Sprays A Would-Be Burglar Helping Police Apprehend the Subject

The incident occurred around 3:10 a.m. when area deputies responded to a burglary call at the Church of the Nazarene. The caller reported to the responding officers that a male wearing a mask and holding a flashlight was spotted on the live feed walking inside, perusing the audio equipment.

As deputies arrived at the church they located the suspect who was later identified to be 28-year-old Grant M. Simonson. According to reports, the officers witnessed the burglar walking past one of the church’s open windows.

The deputies ordered the suspect down onto the ground. However, before the police had an opportunity to do anything else, a skunk came running onto the scene. Eventually, the animal sprayed Simonson before running off into the night.

“He began to follow the commands,” the Deer Park Sherrif Office notes of the suspect.

“When suddenly a skunk came running around the corner, approached Simonson,” the statement continues.

“And released its well-known and malodorous spray before fleeing the area.

This Isn’t A Specially Trained Police Skunk!

The local sheriff’s office continues in the release to note that this skunk was “a wild animal” and is not in any way affiliated with local law enforcement. The skunk also does not have any connection to the church and is ultimately protected.

The officers soon apprehended Simonson and read the suspected burglar his rights. However, Simonson is defending his actions noting that he was “wide awake and bored” when he decided to enter the church’s basement.

Deputies note that according to Simonson’s account the suspect claims to have noticed the church’s open window earlier in the night while riding past on his bike. He then decided to return to the church later on entering the basement through the window after removing the screen. The reason for this? Well, Simonson claims that he was simply “curious.”

The suspect faced booking at the Spokane Washington County Jail on a second-degree burglary charge. He was later released on his own recognizance. The skunk’s current whereabouts remain unknown.