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Washington Motorist Fined for Driving Car ‘Completely Covered’ in Snow

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Heiko Rebsch/picture alliance via Getty Images)

A driver in Kitsap County, Washington, went home with a fine for “negligent driving” on Sunday (Dec. 4) after they were caught in a car that was “completely covered” in snow.

WA State Patrol District 8 spokesperson Katherine Weatherwax posted a photo of the vehicle on Twitter. In it, the vehicle’s windshield is blanketed in thick snow. Only a small patch on the top left side is clear, which means the driver had little—if any—visibility.

“A trooper stopped this driver on SR 16 after the vehicle was observed to be completely covered in snow,” the post reads. “The driver received a $553 ticket for negligent driving in the 2nd degree. Please take the time to remove all snow from your vehicle before you leave the house.”

People are baffled by the situation, and so are we. Judging by the picture, there is no possible way the person could have made it into the road without x-ray vision.

“How in the world did they see you to pull over!?!” asked @CDPfaff.

“An even more appropriate question might be HOW did they manage to drive like that?” @dgwphotos wrote.

Another shocked user wrote that they actually saw the officer and car sitting on the side of the road. But they assumed it was abandoned, and the cop was just checking out the situation.

“We saw them pulled over when heading through there today,” they shared. “Definitely thought they had abandoned the car because who drives with their windshield covered.”

Driver Claimed They Couldn’t Clear the Snow From Their Car Because Their ‘Windshield Wipers Weren’t Working’

Weatherwax told McClatchy News that the back windshield was just as bad as the front. Unsurprisingly, they didn’t get far before police were warned of the deadly accident waiting to happen.

The trooper shared that another driver called the station at 12:14 pm and said that the person was “driving erratically.” A trooper tracked the car down four minutes later. In the comment section, Weatherwax said that the person somehow managed to cover five miles in that short amount of time.

When the officer asked the driver why they were on the road in a snow-covered car, they said that their “windshield wipers weren’t working.” After getting their hefty ticket, the trooper made the driver clean their car before getting back on the roadway.

Officer Weatherwax stressed that driving a snow and ice-covered car is dangerous for many reasons. Not only does it—obviously—make it hard to see, but it can also shatter the glass.

“We don’t see many vehicles this bad because it rarely snows out in the Kitsap area,” she noted.