11-Year-Old Boy Wrangles in Impressive Bull Shark on Gold Coast

by Chris Haney
(Photo by: Luis Javier Sandoval/VW Pics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Recently, an 11-year-old angler in Australia reeled in an impressive bull shark from the back of his Gold Coast canal home. Footage of the child shows him working hard to bring in the large fish for his first-ever bull shark catch.

In the short one-minute clip, the unnamed boy hooks the fish from his home’s dock. While he wrangles it in, the boy maneuvers back down the dock and onto the shoreline. The pre-teen keeps at it and puts all his might into the catch.

After battling the bull shark, at the very end of the clip, you see the fish flopping around at the edge of the shoreline. The sea creature isn’t fully grown as it looks only a few feet in length. Yet for an 11-year-old boy, it took all his strength to reel the shark in.

National outlet The Australian posted the video of the boy’s catch on Thursday, September 22. To check out the young man’s first bull shark catch.

Officials Investigating After Dead Bull Shark Found ‘Defiled’ Wearing Sunglasses on Florida Beach

In other recent bull shark news, Florida officials are investigating a disturbing incident in the area of Fort Myers. A beachgoer posted a clip on TikTok after discovering a dead bull shark under an overpass bridge. The shark was staged beside a blanket and a bag of food with sunglasses over its eyes and graffiti around its body.

Social media users were up in arms over the “defiled” shark. It’s bad enough to have left the fish’s corpse out underneath the overpass. But leaving their mark and making light of its death has many TikTok users furious over the incident.

As he filmed the scene, the TikToker behind the camera from the account @alwayzfishing said, “Seriously? Look at this. Who thought this was even funny?”

The TikToker assumed the same people that killed the fish left it to rot. The man made sure to voice his displeasure with what he witnessed. He shared that whoever killed the bull shark is also responsible for the mess under the bridge.

“I don’t know who you are,” the TikToker says in the clip. “But if you ever see this video, I want you to know you’re a piece of s**t. Trust me, everyone agrees with me.”

Since the man posted the video earlier this month, he’s removed the clip of the defiled bull shark. We’re not sure exactly why, but since the incident is under investigation, it might be because the clip is now official evidence. We’ll update you if any further information comes out about the bull shark in the future.