WATCH: 6-Year-Old Girl Calls in a Trophy Bull Elk Using a Cardboard Tube

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Betty Wiley)

Every year Ridgley Rae Currie and her siblings get to pick a special adventure for their respective birthdays. And, this year, little six-year-old Ridgley Rae knew exactly what she wanted to do. Go “elk calling” with her dad Dillon.

Little Ridgley Has Quite The Passion For Elk Calling

When Ridgley Rae’s mother, Kalea asked her daughter what she wanted to do for her birthday, the soon-to-be six-year-old didn’t skip a beat before she answered. According to Kalea, Ridgley Rae responded almost immediately telling her “‘I just want to go elk calling with dad’,” the mother remembers. “‘That’s all I want to do for my birthday!’”

And, Ridgley was prepared, too. Practicing regularly with her own homemade bugle tube. A skill that brought an impressive elk forward, Stopping just yards away from the father/daughter duo. And, the Curries share the magical moment in a recent Instagram post.

“Born to be an elk fanatic,” the caption starts on the Currie Casa Instagram page.

“Dada making all her birthday wishes come true,” the post continues noting that the young girl selected the activity as a birthday treat.

“Born during elk season,” the Insta post continues. Then the message adds that Ridgley’s first time attending an elk hunt was when she was just four weeks old.

“[And] now a pro at calling,” the caption says. “[No] reed, just a cardboard tube + lots of practice in camp.”

Ridgley’s Birthday Wish Comes True

The video shares a series of clips as Ridgley and Dillon sit during the elk-calling moment. She called several elk during their two-day excursion. Using only a homemade bugle tube and her adorable high-pitched voice, one of these majestic animals was a 7×6 bull elk that heeded Ridgley’s call almost immediately.

“He was several hundred yards away when we first saw him,” Dillon recalls.

“It was super foggy and we walked out on that point,” the proud father continues.

“It had stormed the day before and we didn’t have good visibility to glass, but the elk were talking,” he says. “She gave her bugle and he immediately responded and started coming [into] about 65 yards.”

While elk-calling is her focus right now, Ridgley also sees a lot of bears while enjoying the great outdoors with her dad. However, Ridgley is quick to note that she doesn’t know “how to bear call, only elk call.”

But this is just fine with Ridgley because she likes it when they “‘spond to me,” she notes. “I like it.”