WATCH: Absolutely Horrifying Video Sees Attempted Removal of Snake Stuck in Woman’s Ear

by Joe Rutland

While you might not like spiders and or a snake, there’s definitely an interesting spin to that when you check out this video. What you will see is an attempt to remove a snake that is stuck in a woman’s ear. This video reportedly has been getting a lot of looks from many people. You don’t see a snake stuck in a woman’s ear every single day. But when you look at that video, then you will be seeing something to behold. Now, this video is three minutes long and we don’t have a final confirmation if the person got the snake out of the woman’s ear.

Of course, you might have some questions. We sure do. Like, how in the world does a snake get into a person’s ear? Sure, we all have seen that scene from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. You know, that ear scene which sees an eel enter into the ear of Chekov, played by Walter Koenig. It’s an easily scary scene. At least, we get an idea as to how the eel gets in there. But with a snake? We have no idea how in the world that happens. Maybe the woman found herself in a meditative state, fully relaxed, and the snake just entered in there.

Snake Situation Played Out In Video

What would your reaction be if a snake entered your ear? We don’t know if staying calm would be on our scorecard. Meanwhile, in the video itself, you can see someone wearing gloves. We are led to believe that it is a man. He is pushing tweezers to pull that snake out of the woman’s ear. While he is doing this, it looks like the snake is not having a good time of this at all. Seriously, you might not want to eat any food before seeing this video. You might have some type of reaction to seeing it at all.

But wait, there’s more. Apparently, we can see this expert get down and use some earbuds to get the snake out. We will see him pour some liquid down there to get the snake out of the ear canal. We cannot tell by the video whether this worked or not. The whole situation is rather dicey. We think that having it inside an ear canal would cause a lot of discomfort. There’s no way that the snake-in-the-ear situation doesn’t bring up some scary images.

Here are some more details about the video itself. For this posting, a person named Chandan Singh posted on the social media platform. On it, the caption would read, “The snake went inside the ear.” It’s been viewed reportedly more than 87,000 times and has close to 100 likes.