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WATCH: This Absolutely Jacked Bull Will Have Your Jaw on the Floor

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by: Wayne Hutchinson/Farm Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

This Belgian Blue bull will absolutely blow your mind. The cow is absolutely massive and looks like a ‘roided-up bodybuilder because it was born without myostatin, a trait all Belgian Blue bulls receive.

In the video below, the enormous and rock-solid bull struts along a street as a crowd of bystanders looks on in awe. Then, we see a second clip of another Belgian Blue. This time, a man tries to move the bull by pushing on it from its front side. However, as expected, the Hulk-like beast doesn’t budge.

“This is a bull born without Myostatin,” the Twitter account writes in their caption. “The absence of Myostatin allows for unrestricted muscle growth, resulting in beasts like this being formed.”

Plenty of people took to the replies to react to the viral tweet. Some commenters won over the reply section with their creative takes.

“This is where muscle milk comes from,” one person wrote in a tweet that’s been liked over 2,000 times. They’re referring to the popular protein brand while also referencing the huge bull in the video.

Tons of commenters wrote that the bull obviously puts a lot of time in the gym, as people joked that the bull was a budding bodybuilder. “He lifts,” one user wrote.

“No cheat days, just no Myostatin days. It’s a lifestyle,” another person quipped. However, another disagreed: “That’s Bull on steroids.”

People React to Massive Bull Online

Another person chose to reference the recently disgraced Liver King, who was outed as a steroid user last week. “He clearly practices the 9 tenets ancestral living. lol,” they wrote.

“That’s a GD bulldozer,” another said. One person brought up the fact that bulls are vegetarians, too. “And he doesn’t even eat meat. Think about that for a second.”

The Belgian Blue is extremely lean and incredibly sculpted. Its crazy muscular physique is termed “double-muscling,” which is a layman’s term for lacking myostatin. The double-muscling phenotype is a heritable condition resulting in an increased number of muscle fibers (hyperplasia). This is different from instead of the enlargement of individual muscle fibers (hypertrophy).

The other breed of cattle that shares this trait is the Piedmontese. Both of these breeds have an increased ability to convert their feed into lean muscle. They have reduced fat content and tenderness because of this. The Belgian Blue gets its name from its normally blue-grey mottled hair color. However, its real color can vary from white to black.

Animals either lacking myostatin or treated with substances that block the activity of myostatin contain significantly more muscle mass.

Furthermore, individuals who have mutations in both copies of the myostatin gene have significantly more muscle mass. They are therefore stronger than normal. Some scientists hope that studies into myostatin could potentially have therapeutic application in treating muscle-wasting diseases such as muscular dystrophy.