WATCH: Aggressive Bull Elk Gets Into Tense Standoff With Car in Banff National Park

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Paul Souders/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images)

When driving through Banff National Park in Canada during the rutting season, it isn’t uncommon to encounter a bull elk in a particularly angry mood crossing the road. That’s exactly Jocelyn Gonzalez and her companion came across in this viral video posted to Twitter by NowThis.

In this crazy video, the huge elk crosses the street only to approach their car and proceed to engage in an intense stare-down. The couple can’t believe what’s happening as they await for the bull to inevitably ram into their car.

However, after what seems like minutes, the elk decides that they’ve had enough and he turns away. The pair sighs in relief and celebrates when it leaves.

“A male elk got in a tense standoff with a motorist couple outside Banff National Park in Canada,” the account wrote in its caption. “He then headed on his way without any further confrontations. ‘We were … worried he’d break a window because he was charging at cars driving by,’ Jocelyn Gonzalez told Storyful.”

You can watch the insane footage below.

“Oh, my God,” the man in the car with Gonzalez says as he sees the elk cross the street.

“That is too big, I don’t like it,” Gonzalez said.

He then exclaims: “Oh, my God. Oh, what is he doing? Oh, hell no,” he says as the elk runs right up to the car and stands directly in front of it.

Then, as the bull elk begins the staring contest through the windshield, Gonzalez tells her partner: “Don’t look him in the eye,”

“I’m so scared right now,” he said, nervously laughing. “What the heck is going on?”

“We were safe and then we weren’t,” she agreed.

“Oh!” they exclaim with relief as the bull elk wanders off without coming into contact with the car or its occupants. The video then ends.

Two Young Men Charged with the Slaying of Trout, Bull Elk

Back in August, Ty Robert Lewis, 18, and Richard Van Meter, 20, were detained after investigators connected them to numerous poaching incidents near Great Falls, Montana. The incidents include the poaching of a trophy bull elk and a trout stabbing at a hatchery in the area, according to the Great Falls Tribune.

Less than a month after the reported fish-murdering incident, FWP started receiving calls about a string of elk-poaching incidents on private ranches near Butte, Montana. Then, investigators discovered two separate cases involving poaching elk. In both incidents, the elk heads with antlers were removed from the body and transported from the scene. The criminals then left the elk body to waste and rot in the field.

Lewis admitted to poaching one of the trophy bulls with Van Meter’s rifle. He stated that Van Meter held the bull’s head while he cut it off. He later admitted to slaughtering another bull elk on a different ranch near Butte. Lewis stated that he stashed both elk heads in an abandoned cabin. When investigators searched the cabin, they found the two elk heads. Investigators also retrieved Van Meter’s gun from his apartment. The gun matched the caliber used to kill the animals.

In all, the men face 17 fish and game violations ranging from unlawful possession or transfer of game animals to license violations and failure to obtain landowner permission for hunting.