WATCH: Alaska Man Stumbles Upon Absolutely Massive Moose in His Garage

by Jonathan Howard

You know how it goes. Early morning, you’re just waking up. Go out to the garage and there’s a moose taking up about half the space. Just Alaska things. The great outdoors will sometimes make its way indoors if you aren’t too careful. Then again, it might just happen regardless of how careful you try to be. You might have a three-ton truck or whatever, but what happens when a half-ton moose comes walking in?

It really is amazing that people live in some places in this world. Whether it is bear country, moose country, or something else. The animals almost always find their way into trouble, and that usually means messing with our stuff. This young moose made his way into the garage and was checking things out when the homeowner started to film.

The video was shared on the TikTok page Sharing Alaska. In it, the person filming is extremely close, probably too close, to the animal in front of them. It’s an amazing visual and you can really tell the size and stature of the beast. Check it out below.

@sharingalaska When our neighbors come over for dinner in #Alaska 😬😬#SharingAlaska #moose ♬ original sound – Sharing Alaska

I’m just trying to picture my own garage, and I don’t think that moose could fit through the overhead doors. Seriously, my 1999 F-150 barely has enough clearance. That moose would bend my frame getting into the building. Thankfully, this was more of an open-faced situation and the animal was able to just walk around as it pleased.

You really don’t realize how big these hooved animals are until you see one of them so close. You definitely don’t want to get on the bad side of a moose. But some folks just don’t know any better.

Golfers Test Patience of Moose

One of the strangest places that you will find wildlife gallivanting about is the golf course. With manicured grasses and peaceful scenes, there is no telling what might come out of the woodwork to wreak havoc. Of course, in Florida, you have to watch for the gators. However, there are places where you need to keep your head on a swivel for a moose.

So, here’s the thing. You come up to hole 10 and there is a moose just going to town on the flag on the green. This is something I see my goats do all the time. It’s hard to find a good scratch between the antlers or horns. That means that the flag on this golf course was put to some good use.

Then things get dangerous. The few golfers decided to play the hole… that is until the moose moved an inch towards them. Watch the video here and see it for yourself. Just silliness. And, try not to get anywhere this close to a moose, you might not be as quick.