WATCH: Alaska Moose Shamelessly Munches on Resident’s Jack-O-Lanterns

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

With it being October, one expects to see a lot of Jack-O-Lanterns around, but what about seeing a moose among them? This very thing happens in the great state of Alaska. There is a viral video running out there showing how this goes down. One very large black moose is chomping down a whole lot.

Apparently, one homeowner thought it would be cool to put them out along the curb. This is a good idea. After all, making sure that there is a creative look around Halloween is fun. You want to let people know that you are celebrating the season of ghouls. Yet you probably did not expect to see a moose eating up your delicacies. You can see this video right here.

This Moose Is Simply Solving His Hunger Pains

As you keep pace with the big animal, then you can listen to the play-by-play. It’s coming from those who actually filmed the action. While it looks like they are right near the moose, the people let you know that they are not. Actually, we would keep our distance from the moose as well. There’s no reason to get involved or, well, nose-to-nose. But this viral video definitely will make your day or night. In Alaska, homeowners might be used to seeing moose come around the block. Yet in other areas, seeing the moose get loose would not be too much fun.

Why in the world would a moose decide to eat a Jack-O-Lantern? He’s hungry! We understand about getting the munchies. But this is kind of carrying it to greater lengths. Maybe one saving grace about this humorous video is that no humans were close by. There have been videos where adults that believe getting close to animals is cool. From mountain lions to bull elk, there are videos out there of people getting close to them. Yet there is no reason to be near a moose at all. Look, we understand the interest that one brings when eating up these delicacies. Yet you really do not need to be out there getting mixed up with this large animal. Watching it from a little distance? Sure. That sounds like a winning proposition.