WATCH: Alaska Woman Flees Incoming Rockslide in Intense Video

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

In this crazy video, a woman in Alaska flees an incoming rockslide and also warns a motorist of the hazards ahead.

A TikToker named “The Dirty Explorer” was outside filming in a park in the Juneau area when the rockslide started. Ironically, she was filming herself explaining the phenomenon when it actually started happening.

She gets up from her spot near the lake shore when she first hears the sound of the rocks falling. After running away for about ten seconds, the sound starts to dissipate. She remarks in a text box on the video that she thought the slide was slowing.

However, that’s when a huge, raucous noise of the main slide becomes audible. The woman in the video yells a few expletives as she runs even further down the shore.

As she’s running, she notices a truck approaching down the road and starts waving and yelling to warn the driver. Apparently, the rockslide was partially behind a blind turn, so the driver wouldn’t have been able to see it.

When the camera pans back to the aftermath of the rockslide, it’s clear she would’ve been directly in the path of the rocks had she not quickly moved. She seems stunned herself as she turns to inspect the damage. Out of breath, she ends the video talking to the man in the truck that she had waved down.

You can watch the viral video, which does contain NSFW language, below.

@thedirtyexplorer Reply to @isaiahfields23 safety 1st, I just got lucky & ph was on a tripod rolling #alaska #outdoors #explore #adventure #juneau #landslide #runforestrun @thedirtyexplorer @thedirtyexplorer ♬ Just a Cloud Away – Pharrell Williams

People React to Woman Escaping Alaskan Rockslide

Plenty of people commented on the insane encounter, complimenting her instincts and making jokes about Mother Nature’s timing.

“Impeccable decision making,” Hank Green said, famous for his YouTube channels including Crash Course.

“Mother Nature said ‘making a survival vid? Let me help,'” one user joked.

Another user wrote: “This is what survival instinct looks like. Great job.”

One user commented on how rockslide’s path was right where she had been. “Literally right where you were,” they wrote.

Another person said, “I’d be sitting there wondering what that sound was.”

One person agreed, sharing a similar thought. “I woulda ran like 5 ft then stood and watched it just to end up dead.”

“Mother Nature was like ‘here’s an example,'” one commenter joked.

Another user thought about how her presence helped save the driver from the rockslide. “I feel like you were meant to be there to hear it coming and save him.”

“Wow you’re lucky as hell someone was watching over you ma’am,” another wrote. “Now go buy a lottery ticket.”

A final person said: “You could not have planned that any better. Impeccable timing.”