PHOTO: Alligator With Large Knife Sticking Out of Its Head Seen at Florida Pond

by Shelby Scott

One of the most easily recognizable alligator traits, aside from its mouthful of deadly teeth, is its rough, scaly skin. Along with its powerful jaws, an alligator’s skin makes it a more than formidable predator, defensible against nearly any other predator. However, if something is going to harm an alligator, it’s going to be a human. Sadly, that was just the case when Florida residents spotted an alligator with a large knife stuck in its skull.

Readers can find a photo of the maimed creature here. And, while it’s not especially clear, it could be discomforting for some readers.

According to the New York Post, several Floridians caught the shock of their lives when they noticed the alligator. The photo itself shows a massive knife having penetrated the area between the animal’s eyes. After photos of the maimed animal began circulating on social media, samaritans alerted the state’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

After getting the call about the maimed alligator on Monday, the commission sent wildlife officers to capture the beast. However, unfortunately, there was nothing they could do to save it.

Per the outlet, the severity of the animal’s injuries was too great to repair and rehabilitate him. In the end, officials had to put him down.

So far, investigators have not found the individual that stabbed the alligator. However, if authorities find them, the outlet states the perpetrator could serve up to five years in prison. They would also receive a handful of hefty fines.

11-Foot Alligator Unleashes Monstrous Roar

You’ve seen it in the movies, but have you ever really heard an alligator roar? Now’s your chance.

Recently, authorities were called to a Florida home when a resident discovered a massive 11-foot alligator beneath their jeep. Teaming up with the Fish and Wildlife Commission, the group of officials attempted to wrangle the beast. However, the animal would not be taken easily. With a lasso of sorts around its neck, the video, which you can view here, shows the alligator as it opens its jaws and unleashes a roar that sounds exactly as you might imagine it would.

In addition to its war cry, the animal also writhed and rolled in an effort to escape its captor. In doing so, the gator even took out the homeowner’s light post.

Photos following the clip show the animal restrained by local deputies while the FWC official works to muzzle its mouth and keep it from snarling or snapping at him a second time.

All in a day’s work I suppose for a couple of wildlife pros, however, despite the danger that accompanies any alligator encounter, we can go about our day knowing that a gator’s roar sounds exactly how we might expect it to.