WATCH: Angler Attacked by Inflated Blowfish on Deck of Boat

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by: Avalon/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Cliché as it might sound, some people just completely lack common sense, and one angler immediately proves that point after he provoked—and was subsequently attacked by—a puffed-up blowfish on the deck of a boat. We’re not your parents, so we won’t tell you we told you so. But this is a warning for anyone thinking about poking at an angry blowfish.

The video sees an angler and his friends aboard a fishing boat on blue waters. Donning thin-looking blue gloves, the hashtags tell us he had been trying to remove a hook from the blowfish. However, with the creature angered, puffy, and a bit bloody already, it had zero patience for the angler’s efforts.

The man slowly reaches toward the fish’s mouth, however, suddenly, the spiky creature almost hops toward him, latching onto the fisherman’s finger.

“F—K,” he shouts, cradling his now-injured extremity.

“Are you okay, are you okay?” one of the angler’s friends worriedly asks him. “Oh my God, oh my God.”

According to the post’s other hashtags, the man potentially sustained a “#brokefinger,” though nothing was actually confirmed in the video itself.

Viewers, taking to the comments, sided entirely with the pufferfish.

“F—k around and find out,” one person wrote. “I’m on team Blow Fish!”

Another added, “Them puffer fish have a very strong bite. They can easily bite off the tip of your finger.”

While his experience certainly wasn’t a pleasant one, at least the angler in the video knows not to mess around with an angry blowfish the next time he gets a hook caught in its mouth.

Florida Angler Goes Toe to Toe with Alligator As It Tries to Steal His Catch

Some anglers are brazen people. You wouldn’t catch me within three yards of a puffed-up blowfish, on land or in the water. However, other fishermen are much braver. Earlier this month, a Florida angler went toe to toe with a hungry alligator, smacking the scaley beast on its head after it tried to steal his catch.

Florida angler David Browning had been fishing for tarpon, a common game fish in the Sunshine State, along the Gulf Coast when the nerve-wracking encounter occurred.


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Standing on a small bridge in South Florida with a companion, he began to reel the tarpon in as the alligator slowly approached. Suddenly, the beast snapped at the fish just as his companion lowered a net to bring it in. Simultaneously, the brave angler bopped the alligator on the end of its nose with the butt of his fishing pole. Though his decision to grapple with the ‘gator rather than lose the fish drew some criticism in the comments.

“My man could have fell in leaning down like that,” one concerned viewer said. Another joked, “Just Florida things.”