WATCH: Angler Finds Hundreds of Jellyfish Native to China in Minnesota Lake

by Jonathan Howard

A Minnesota angler made quite a discovery the other day at one of his longtime fishing spots, freshwater jellyfish by the hundreds. The viral video has been going around social media. It really is a strange scene to see. Here in the United States, we aren’t used to jellyfish of this variety. Usually, we think of the larger, stereotypical ones in the oceans. However, another species native to another continent is here and it looks like here to stay.

“I’ve been coming up here my whole life,” the fisherman says in the video he took. James Hoffman is an avid fisherman and has been going out to Leech Lake for years, apparently. “For the first time, in this very secluded small spot on this huge lake, I’ve found freshwater jellyfish.”

In the little corner of the lake that Hoffman puts his line in, hundreds of these little jellyfish are now in Leech Lake. Hoffman says that in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, there are about 20-30 lakes known to have these jellyfish in them. He says they have been in Minnesota for about 100 years.

The tiny aquatic creatures float around rather peacefully, and the good news is they aren’t invasive. And, don’t worry about getting stung, they can’t get through human skin. So, you’re safe.

When you consider the fact they aren’t invasive and haven’t really had an impact on the local ecosystems, it’s just kind of a cool thing. These jellyfish live most of their lives in a polyp stage, and feed on the bottoms of lakes. So, seeing them like this is rare. Native to the Yangtze River valley in China, these little things have made a home in 44 states throughout America.

When you least expect it though, there is a surprise lurking around.

Rare Jellyfish Filmed for the First Time

Earlier this summer, one saltwater jellyfish made headlines when it was filmed for the very first time in nature. These large species are not keen on coming into shallow waters, but one managed to venture to a spot where someone was lucky enough to catch it on film.

A rare form of box jellyfish, Chriodectes maculatus, was filmed just off the coast of Papua New Guinea. It’s truly a beautiful creature and something that any aquatic enthusiast has to see. While this type of jellyfish has been observed before in limited capacities, the video from this year is the best we’ve ever had of it just…living. Which, in many ways shows us more about the animal than any dissection or vivisection could.

What secrets does the ocean and the rest of the world have for humans? These kinds of sightings are really awesome. It shows that we don’t know everything and there is much more that we can do. So, what else waits in the depths?