WATCH: Angler Reels in Absolutely Massive Sturgeon on a Barbie Fishing Rod

by Jonathan Howard

We should all start fishing like a girl. This angler pulled out the Barbie fishing rod and reeled in the catch of a lifetime with a huge sturgeon. Spending time in the outdoors can surprise you. The massive fish was the biggest catch of the young fisherman’s career. Just when you try to make a silly video with a skinny, cheap child’s rod – the fish of a lifetime comes swimming by, looking for a small bite to eat.

Now, when I was growing up, I didn’t have a Barbie rod. That would be silly. I fished on a Snoopy rod and I reeled in many bluegills and small bass with that rig. However, I couldn’t dream of catching a fish like this on a toothpick of a rod like that.

Watch the video below and see for yourself. This must have taken quite a while because the lighting changes pretty drastically. Throughout the battle, the pole ends up splintering at one point. Our hero has to hold it together and thankfully, he does.

@northwestfishing HUGE fish caught on a Barbie fishing rod! 🎣 #fyp #foryou #fishing #bigfish #fishingchallenge #bigfish ♬ original sound – Northwestfishing

Now, I’m sure that someone has caught more with less, but I haven’t seen it. This is just insane all around. The idea for the video is funny, but the ending is something that not even the most exaggerating fisherman would think of. Whatever line comes on these rods, it should be used as the thread on NASA space suits. Nothing is going to break it.

Landing a fish like this is just so rare. Sturgeon are already hard to catch and to do it on less than optimum equipment is just mindblowing.

Huge Sturgeon Caught While Fishing in Missouri

From Oregon to Missouri. There are big sturgeon swimming around in lakes and other large bodies of water. You might just find your next big catch where you least expect it. It seems that the key to catching one of these large fish is to just go in with the intention of… not catching one?

Troy Staggs was in the Lake of the Ozarks fishing for paddlefish and just when he thought he had hooked something worth his trip out, he realized he had made an even better catch than that. More than four feet long and weighing 55 pounds, this sturgeon was probably around the same size as the one in the video above, but heftier. Estimates put the age of the fish somewhere around 30 years.

So, Outsiders, are you itching to get out into some deep waters and lay a line? Might as well. Just tell yourself you’re doing some light fishing, nothing serious. Maybe even take your kid’s pole with you and see what the biggest fish you can get reeled in is. You never know what is lurking just below the surface.