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WATCH: Angler Reels In Extremely Angry Surfer From Pier

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Rick Doyle via Getty Images)

Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving differently. Some folks like to devour plates of food while watching football. Others take time during the day to do some hunting. One Huntington Beach-area resident decided to put on his wetsuit and do some surfing. Unfortunately, a careless angler turned that surfer into the Catch of the Day.

Dan’ Surf Cave posted footage of the incident on Instagram. In the caption, they wrote, “So if surfing the Northside of Huntington Beach Pier wasn’t challenging enough with the unruly crowds and lack of surfing etiquette, you also have to be aware of becoming this evening’s catch of the day.” The surfer in the video was only one of a few that got hooked that day.

In the video, we see surfer Will Doreen being hauled to the pier by the wrist. His hands are together as he attempts to remove the hook from his flesh. We can hear him yelling for the angler to let his line go slack to make it easier. However, the man doesn’t listen. He just keeps reeling in his angry, profanity-spewing catch. After Doreen shares a few choice words with the angler, he turns and flashes the camera a huge grin.

Dan’s Surf Cave would go on to say that the clueless angler hooked at least two more surfers later that day. Between the goofy grin, the refusal to give his line some slack, and the frequency with which it happened, one can’t help but wonder if these were actually accidental snags.

The Hooked Surfer Speaks Out

After the incident, Will Doreen spoke to Stab Magazine about it. He was doing some Thanksgiving Day surfing when he felt a sharp pain in his wrist. He looked down to discover a hook buried in his skin before the angler started reeling him in. “I could not get the hook out with my finger because there was so much tension [on the line],” the surfer said. So, Doreen had to take an even bigger risk and cause himself a more serious injury to get free. “I had to use my teeth to rip out the hook from my wrist. In doing so, I was hoping that the hook would not catch my lip and make the situation worse.”

It’s important to note that while the surfer was struggling to remove the hook from his wrist, the fisherman on the peer continued to reel in his line as if he had a big one on the hook.

Fortunately, Doreen didn’t suffer any serious injuries. In fact, he didn’t even have to cut his surf session short. “My wrist is okay and I was able to stay out,” he said. “All I have is a small puncture wound, but the pain was incredibly intense at the time.”