WATCH: Angler Shows Off Bizarre Looking Piebald Catfish That Resembles a Cow

by Megan Molseed

It’s a cowfish! Not a catfish!

One angler shows off a super unusual catch as the markings on the catfish he just caught look more like cow markings than fish markings. It’s a sizable fish too…making this fishing prize quite the impressive catch!

“Coolest looking catfish I’ve ever caught,” the caption reads on the recent Instagram post. In the post, we see a clip of the angler as he proudly shows off the blue catfish he has just caught…or is it cowfish?

The angler gives the camera a glimpse of all of the markings on the unusual fish. The fish is primarily white with large patches of black along the top of its head, and its face. The black patches sit on the catfish’s fins as well.

There are a few sections of pink on the unusual fish as well. Especially on the bottom of the unique fish’s tail. While the lack of pigmentation on most of the fish’s scales may suggest that this catfish is albino. However, this particular fish is a piebald, as most albino catfish sport pink eyes.

A Tennessee Teenager Reels in A Super Rare All-White Catfish

Earlier this summer a younger fisherman,  15-year-old Edwards Tarumianz hit the water fishing professionals in Chatanooga Tennessee. While hitting the Tennessee waters with Captain Richard Simms of Scenic City Charters, Tarumianz felt a bite on his line. However, he had no clue how memorable this major catch would be as soon he would be coming face to face with an extremely rare fish.

“You may catfish for the rest of your life and never catch, or even see, another fish like that,” Captains Richard Simms says of the young fisherman’s catch on the Scenic City Fishing Charters Facebook page.

“I’ve been catfishing seriously for 30 years—guiding for 17 of those—and that’s the first albino to ever come in my boat,” Simms relates in the June 28 Facebook post.

The fact that this white catfish sported no color pigmentation at all convinced the charter officials that Tarumianz had pulled in an albino. However, the eye color on this catch doesn’t quite follow the typical characteristics found in an albino catfish. Usually, if the white catfish are pink, the catfish is a rare albino. This means that there is no melatonin anywhere in the fish, even in the eyes.

However, if the white catfish’s eyes are light blue (or another color) they are likely not displaying albinism. Instead, these fish are leucistic. Leucism is caused by an extremely rare recessive gene passed onto the fish over generations. However, the official call on whether this blue catfish is albino or leucistic doesn’t change the coolness of the catch!

“Regardless, we all agree that it is a great and rare catch,” says a TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency) spokesperson in a discussion with Field & Stream.