WATCH: Angler Yanks 22-inch Snake From Largemouth Bass’s Mouth

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

A largemouth bass decided to have a garter snake as a meal but one angler put his hand down the bass’ mouth and pulled it out. The angler was very focused on his mission at that moment. This video was filmed by Adam Young of Panfish Nation, USA Today reported.

When looking at this video, take note of the largemouth bass and its ability to prey upon anything. This bad boy happened to be 16 inches in length. That garter snake was 22 inches in length. We don’t blame the angler for taking his time in pulling the snake out. We’d probably do the same thing. And it appears that this angler was on a mission to get the snake out of the largemouth bass ASAP.

Largemouth Bass Is One Of Most Sought-After Game Fish In U.S.

“In certain areas of the country like Florida and Texas, tilapia have infiltrated the local watersheds,” Young said. “The bad news is that these species compete with native species of fish…but the good news is that bass love them!” He also said that he’s caught bass while using hot dogs and bread for bait. “You bet bass will eat hot dogs and tons of other strange foods too. Give it a try!” Largemouth bass reportedly are not picky. They have been known to eat everything from bullfrogs on down to ducklings.

Meanwhile, did you know that largemouth bass is actually one of the most sought-after game fish in the United States? These fish can weigh northward of 20 pounds. Catches that are more than 15 pounds are pretty rare, though. (As a matter of fact, the world record is a tie between 22-pound, 4-ounce bass caught in Georgia and Japan in 1932 and 2009, respectively.) Anglers can target bass with swimbaits and other lures. They mimic prey and most anglers practice catch-and-release for their fish.

But let’s get to some more serious questions. How in the world did this largemouth bass happen to get the snake? Obviously, the snake found its way into the water. Did the bass sneak up on the snake? Maybe the snake was looking for another direction to go in the water. Once it did, then the flight away from the largemouth bass started in earnest. Sadly, the snake’s journey away from the reach of the fish didn’t work out well at all.