WATCH: Angry Sharks Circle Only Feet From Shore, Beachgoers Freak Out

by Shelby Scott

The Discovery Channel recently aired another year of Shark Week. While the annual event concluded at the end of last month, it appears the hunters themselves are still celebrating. New footage shows a handful of sharks perusing shallow waters near the Florida shore as beachgoers yell to others to “Get out of the water,” rethinking whether they should reenter. Check out the clip below.

According to Fox News, the creatures were spotted off of Neptune Beach in Jacksonville, Florida just feet from the shore. The clip shows the apex predators whipping their tailfins and circling each other just beyond the breaking point.

Per the outlet, the video came courtesy of a beachgoer named Kara Skonieczny. Skonieczny witnessed the animals in a frenzy as they fed on baitfish Saturday afternoon. Coincidentally, the Jacksonville beachgoer captured the clip the same day that another individual reportedly sustained a bite from one of the large fish at another local beach.

Witnesses to the injured person’s alleged shark encounter stated that around the animals were large pools of blood. They said they also saw a dark shadow reaching between six and seven feet long near the man.

Following the event, officials stated they couldn’t actually confirm what the man actually encountered. While initial reports state shark bite, officials didn’t see any sharks in the water.

Scientists Capture Rare Footage of Mesmerizing Walking Shark

For shark enthusiasts, Discovery’s annual event shines the light on the ocean’s most feared and capable hunters. However, the annual celebration also spotlights some small, rare breeds, and this year, for the first time ever, scientists actually captured footage of a rare walking shark. Check out the clip below.

Shark Week fanatics were treated to an all-new special last week with the Island of the Walking Sharks. As fictive as that sounds, the footage above, which provides a short peek at the full screening, features what is called a bamboo shark. Fortunately for us, the bamboo variety pales in comparison to the size of some of the ocean’s largest predators.

The tiny fish boasts a leopard-like pattern and a dorsal and tail fin much like its larger cousins. However, while a great white’s pectoral fins are pointed and triangular, the bamboo shark boasts two sets of paired, rounded fins that help it crawl over the rocks in the shallow waters above.

In speaking about this awesome breed of shark, conservationist and biologist Forrest Gallante said, “[They] typically choose to move by using their pectoral and pelvic fins to walk along the sea floor rather than swim like we see in most other shark species.”

This particular shark, a cute little guy if we do say so ourselves, resides in Papua New Guinea.