WATCH: Aquarium Scuba Divers Remain Calm Next To Monstrous Shark in Heart-Pounding Footage

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Sharks are a mysterious type of creature for us humans to watch. Most of us are equal parts impressed or enamored and frightened by the ocean-dwelling creatures. That’s one of the reasons the Outsider Twitter page wondered what would possess a scuba diver to get up close and personal with a massive shark.

“We have no idea how people see sharks and think ‘I want to go swimming with THAT,'” quips a recent tweet on the Outsider Twitter account. And, after watching the wild clip, many viewers are wondering this same thing!

The video begins with the monster shark appearing huge compared to two scuba divers that are looking at the ocean life swimming around the area. Within just the first second of the clip, we wonder…why are these divers so calm? Soon, however, we realize that the divers haven’t yet caught sight of the monster shark lurking in the water.

It’s All About Perspective When Swimming With Sharks!

As the heart-pounding video continues, we hear the sounds of the water as the shark swims frighteningly close to the scuba divers. Its mouth opens and closes as if it is looking for a midday snack. Watching the clip it looks as if this shark is massively bigger than the divers hanging out right next to it. However, we soon learn this is all about perspective.

As the shark moves, so does the camera. We follow this chomping animal as it swims around the divers moving in a pretty tight circle. As the video continues we see the shark isn’t quite as big as it once appeared. The perspective of the shark closer to the camera than the divers made the ocean-dweller look monstrous next to the divers. This, however, does not mean the animal is small by any means!

It’s at this point in the clip that the divers notice the predator lurking in the waters. Swimming uncomfortably close as far as any viewer can see. One of the scuba divers is clearly uncomfortable with this visitor getting so up close and personal. The diver moves their body to keep a sharp eye on the shark. They also seem to be resisting the urge to scramble away, swimming fast in the opposite direction.

The other diver, however, doesn’t seem overly phased by this frightening close encounter. This scuba diver places their hand on the other diver as if to reassure the swimmer that the shark means no harm and that it is simply swimming around doing shark-like things.